Rooftop Solar: 3 Emerging Trends Making Waves in 2022

Rooftop Solar: 3 Emerging Trends Making Waves in 2022

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The rooftop solar market experienced significant changes in 2022, as highlighted in EnergySage’s 16th Solar & Storage Marketplace Report. The report analyzed millions of transaction-level data points to identify trends in rooftop solar pricing, equipment, marketplace share, and financing. Here are three key takeaways from the report that consumers should consider when switching to clean energy.

Firstly, the quoted price of solar on EnergySage has increased to $2.85 per watt, a 6.7% increase since early 2021. The installed cost of energy storage has also risen by 3.9% in 2022. These price hikes can be attributed to equipment supply constraints and raw material shortages, which made it harder for consumers to get supply. However, the Inflation Reduction Act, which bumped the tax credit up to 30%, helps mitigate the inflation rate. So, while shopping around for rooftop solar is important, consumers can take some comfort that solar prices increased at a slower pace than other consumer goods and electricity.

Secondly, Qcells has overtaken REC as the most frequently quoted panel brand on EnergySage, with Enphase remaining the most quoted inverter and battery storage brand. Consumers are increasingly aware of where their solar products are being made, and Qcells has a robust supply chain in the US. With the Inflation Reduction Act and tariffs on solar panels manufactured abroad, many companies are looking to bring more manufacturing to the US.

Lastly, brand loyalty amongst installers is on the rise, with 59% of installers offering only a single inverter brand, and over one-third of installers only working with a single solar panel brand. This makes it more important than ever for consumers to shop around and get multiple quotes to access different brands.

In conclusion, as solar adoption continues to grow, it’s crucial that consumers stay informed of the latest solar trends and pricing in order to make the most informed decisions about switching to clean energy. By keeping up with the latest trends and shopping around for different brands, consumers can ensure they are getting the best deal on their rooftop solar system.

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