A Comprehensive Review of the AJOOSOS X48 Electric Scooter: Is It Worth the Hype?



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“AJOOSOS X48 Electric Scooter: 60 Miles Long Range, 35 MPH Max Speed, Foldable & Ideal for Adults with 10 Inch Tires, Dual Suspensions, and Disc Brake System”

Experience the power of AJOOSOS electric scooters and motorcycles, your best bet for high-performance two-wheeled transport! Established in 2007, our brand has 15 years of industry experience, and we never compromise on quality or performance. We firmly believe that electric scooters are not just for entertainment but can change your life, bringing easy and comfortable mobility to your daily routine.

Explore our hot-selling X48 electric scooter, with a powerful 1000w rear brushless motor that can take you up to 35 mph! Say goodbye to traffic snarls and never be late for work or school again. The scooter’s shock absorption makes for a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven terrain, and the 9-inch width board ensures you don’t feel cramped when standing. Adjust the handlebar and seat height to fit your comfort level, and enjoy three speed modes for easy control.

Our electric scooter is user-friendly too – after unlocking with the remote control, push forward while holding the accelerator to start, and select the speed mode suitable for your journey. Cruise mode makes for comfortable riding without having to press the throttle continuously, while the electronic disc brake quickly stops the scooter. The sealed design is waterproof, making the scooter perfect for all weather conditions, and the durable aluminum alloy frame and 10-inch anti-skid road tire ensure reliable use for 8-10 years. Plus, with a 180-day warranty for the battery and motor, and one-year warranty for other parts, you can enjoy complete peace of mind. Experience the best of AJOOSOS electric scooters today!

Product Stats

– Range: up to 60 miles on a single charge
– Top speed: 35 mph
– Motor power: 1000W
– Charging time: 6-8 hours
– Weight: 70 lbs
– Foldable design for easy storage and transportation
– Dual suspension system for a comfortable ride
– 10-inch pneumatic tires for enhanced stability and traction
– Dual disc brake system for reliable stopping power
– LED headlight and taillight for increased visibility
– Supports riders up to 330 lbs in weight

“Unleashing the Power of AJOOSOS X48: A Comprehensive Review of this Long Range Electric Scooter for Adults”


With the increasing demand for electric scooters, AJOOSOS has come up with a fantastic product – the X48 Electric Scooter. This amazing electric scooter for adults is a benchmark for advanced features and durability that makes it stand out from the rest. The AJOOSOS X48 Electric Scooter is highly recommended for riders who crave speed, long range, and convenience.

In this review, we would delve deeper into the AJOOSOS X48 Electric Scooter’s amazing features, like the maximum speed, long battery life, dual suspension system, pneumatic tires, and dual disk brakes. Additionally, we would also explore the product’s advantages and define whether the AJOOSOS X48 Electric Scooter is worth the buy for both beginners and the experienced riders.

Speed and Performance

The AJOOSOS X48 Electric Scooter is an exceptional product that offers an outstanding performance. With a top speed of 35MPH, riders can get to their destination in a breeze. The X48 electric scooter has a remarkable 60-mile range, thanks to its 23Ah LG lithium battery pack. The battery provides enough power to keep the scooter cruising for several hours, making it the perfect companion for long distance riders.

Suspension and Comfort

The AJOOSOS X48 electric scooter features a dual suspension system that ensures a smooth ride, regardless of the terrain. The dual suspension system absorbs shocks and bumps, making sure that the rider has the most comfortable experience. Besides, the scooter’s deck is wide, providing enough space to rest one’s foot, making it more comfortable.


The AJOOSOS X48 Electric Scooter’s 10-inch pneumatic tires have exceptional performance, a comfortable ride, and unmatched durability. The tires are strong enough to handle rough and challenging terrain with ease, ensuring maximum safety while riding.


The AJOOSOS X48 Electric Scooter comes with a dual-disc brake system that ensures a secure stopping experience, giving the rider maximum control. The brake system also provides quick, efficient, and easy-to-apply brakes, adding more safety and security.

Portability and Design

The AJOOSOS X48 Electric Scooter has a sleek design that would appeal to any electric scooter enthusiast. The scooter is foldable and can be easily carried or stored, making it convenient for both beginners and experienced riders. It is designed to be lightweight and foldable, making it portable enough to take with you wherever you go.


Overall, the AJOOSOS X48 electric scooter is an exceptional product with remarkable features and top-notch durability, making it a great option for both beginner and advanced riders. This electric scooter has a long battery life, dual suspension, pneumatic tires, and disk brakes, giving riders maximum comfort, safety and control. If you value speed, long-range, and portability, the AJOOSOS X48 Electric Scooter is definitely worth considering.


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