“ANCHEER Electric Bike Review: Is It the Ultimate Choice for Commuting and Mountain Biking?”


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ANCHEER 500W/350W Electric Bike: A 27.5” Fast-Charging Commuter and Mountain Ebike with Removable Battery, Colorful LCD Display, and Multiple Speed Gears

Get ready to dominate both hills and trails with the ANCHEER Blue Spark AT2 electric bike – the ultimate e-mountain machine! With a powerful combination of 24 speed gearing and 5 levels of pedal assistance, this bike gives you the performance you need to be king of the mountain. Plus, with a large capacity 499Wh battery, you can enjoy a range of 28 to 50 miles depending on your rider weight, use type, gradient, and outdoor temperature.

But that’s not all – the Blue Spark also boasts a professional 24-speed transmission system for stronger hill-climbing power, as well as front and rear mechanical disc brakes for powerful, progressive braking even in rainy conditions. And with its Upgraded LCD Display featuring 5 Speed Display, Motor Power Ratio Display, Battery Level Display, and Mileage Light Signal, you can keep track of your stats with ease.

Plus, assembly is a breeze! Our bike comes 85% pre-assembled, with an easy-to-follow video guide available on our product page. And with one year of service for the electric motor, battery, and other replaceable parts, you can ride with confidence and ease. So what are you waiting for? Get out of the city and experience the thrill of the Blue Spark AT2 for yourself!

Product Stats

– Power: 500W/350W
– Wheel size: 27.5 inches
– Rider capacity: Adults
– Bike type: Electric Commuter Bike/Electric Mountain Bike
– Charging time: 3 hours fast charge
– Battery type: Removable 10.4Ah battery
– Voltage: 48V Class 2 Ebike
– Display: Colorful LCD display
– Gears: 21/24 speed gears

“ANCHEER 500W/350W Electric Bike Review: 3 Hour Fast Charge and Colorful LCD Display”


The ANCHEER 500W/350W Electric Bike 27.5” Adults Electric Commuter Bike/ Electric Mountain Bike is a top-class electric bike with an impressive set of features that cater to the needs of commuters and cyclists. With a powerful motor and removable battery, this bike offers an excellent and reliable transportation option for people looking for a pocket-friendly way to commute without compromising on their comfort. Here is an in-depth review of this ANCHEER electric bike.


The ANCHEER Electric Bike comes with a removable 10.4Ah battery, which offers a top-speed of 20mph and can cover up to 35 miles on a single charge. One of the most significant advantages of having a removable battery is that it allows you to charge the battery in your office while you are working, giving you enough juice to ride back home. The battery takes around three hours to charge fully, which is relatively fast. If you want to enhance the battery life, you can ride the bike in the pedal-assist mode, which will drastically increase the distance covered per single charge.


The ANCHEER Electric Bike boasts of a high-performance 500W/350W motor that provides enough power to ride smoothly in any terrain. Whether you are commuting in a busy city or cruising through a mountainous trail, this bike has enough power to take you through. Additionally, the motor comes with three levels of pedal assistance, which allows you to choose the amount of assistance you need depending on the terrain and your stamina. The motor is also very silent, making the ride comfortable and peaceful.

Design and Build Quality

The bike has a sturdy and rugged design that provides the comfort and reliability needed to traverse through different terrains. The materials used are of high quality, which ensures the bike lasts long and is resistant to wear and tear. The bike has a stunning and colorful LCD display that shows the speed, battery life, time, and distance covered, giving you all the necessary information as you ride. The ANCHEER Electric Bike comes in three color choices, black, blue, and white.

Wheels and Tires

The bike’s 27.5” wheels are big enough to provide enough traction for various terrains while remaining nimble enough to maneuver tight corners and avoiding obstacles. The tires are thick and have excellent grip, ensuring the bike remains stable even in wet or slippery conditions. The tires also have an anti-slip pattern, which gives the rider enough control and balance while on the bike, enhancing safety.

Speed Gears

The ANCHEER Electric Bike comes with 21/24 speed gears, which allows you to choose the appropriate gear for the terrain you are riding on. The gears shift smoothly, making the transition from one gear to another comfortable and efficient. The bike also has a reliable braking system that gives you all the stopping power you need to reduce speed or stop.


The ANCHEER 500W/350W Electric Bike is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an electric bike that is both affordable and efficient. The bike’s removable battery, powerful motor, LCD display, sturdy design, and reliable braking systems make it an ideal choice for anyone commuting on a daily basis. Additionally, the bike is easy to assemble, and the customer service provided by ANCHEER is top-notch, ensuring that any issues you may have with the bike are addressed promptly. Overall, this electric bike is an excellent investment, providing an affordable, reliable, safe, and comfortable transportation option.


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