“ECOTRIC Mountain Electric Bike – Is it Worth Your Money?”

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ECOTRIC Mountain Electric Bike Adults 26” E Bike 500W: An Efficient and Stylish City Commuter With A Powerful Motor, Removable Lithium Battery, and Suspension Fork.

Experience an economical, high-quality riding experience with ECOTRIC Bike. Our mission since our founding in 2017 has been to produce utility and high-quality e-bikes for our customers, all while advocating for green travel, energy savings, and healthy lifestyles. Our bikes are specially designed to promote harmony between man and nature, and we are proud to offer a range of hot-selling, innovative models like our FAT 20810, Bison, and Hammer.

Our bikes are designed to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for a powerful mountain bike or a comfortable and efficient ride for commuting. With four working modes, including pedal assist, fully electric, pedal mode, and booster mode, our bikes offer flexibility and versatility for any rider. Plus, with a high-efficiency 500W brushless motor and a large, 36V battery with overcharge protection, our bikes offer quiet, smooth operation and a long motor life.

We also offer a range of features to enhance your riding experience, including an easy-to-install LCD display with two modes of brightness for day or night use, as well as battery power, speed, pas mode, 6KM assist mode, and error report. And with a maximum speed of 20 MPH and a range of 19-35 miles on a full charge, our bikes are built to last and keep you riding longer.

When you choose ECOTRIC Bike, you are choosing a safe, reliable, and high-quality e-bike that is UL certified and backed by our commitment to customer safety and satisfaction. And with easy assembly videos and responsive customer service, you can rest assured that you are making a smart investment in a bike that will take you anywhere you want to go.

Product Stats

– Product Name: ECOTRIC Mountain Electric Bike Adults 26”

– Motor: 500W Powerful Motor

– Battery: 36V/12.5Ah Removable Lithium Battery

– Range: Up to 35 miles per charge

– Speed: Up to 20 mph

– Frame: Aluminum Alloy

– Suspension: Front Suspension Fork

– Brakes: Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes

– Display: LCD Display showing battery level, speed, distance, and more

– Gears: Shimano 7-Speed

– Tires: 26” x 2.35” Mountain Tires with Anti-Slip Function

– Weight Capacity: 265 lbs

– Charging Time: 6-8 Hours

– Dimensions: 69” x 26” x 43”

– Weight: 58 lbs

– Accessories: LED Headlight, Horn, Fenders, Rear Rack, and Kickstand.

– Warranty: 1 Year on Motor, Battery and Frame.

“Unleashing the Power of ECOTRIC Mountain Electric Bike: A Comprehensive Review”


The ECOTRIC Mountain Electric Bike is an ideal option for people who want to commute with ease. Packed with features like a 500W powerful motor, a 36V/12.5Ah removable lithium battery, and a Shimano 7-speed transmission, this electric bike makes commuting and riding on trails effortless. The addition of suspension forks and disc brakes makes for a more comfortable and safe ride.

Battery and Motor

The ECOTRIC Mountain Electric Bike comes with a 500W powerful motor that provides the necessary power to commute easily. The bike also comes with a 36V/12.5Ah removable lithium battery that delivers an impressive range of up to 40 miles on a single charge. The removable battery makes it easy to charge the bike, especially when a charging station is not readily available.

Suspension and Brakes

This electric bike features suspension forks, which are designed to smooth out bumps and provide a more comfortable and stable ride. The suspension system also makes riding on rough or uneven terrain less challenging. The bike also includes disc brakes, which ensure quick and efficient stops, even at high speeds. With these features, riders can control their speed and ride with confidence.


The ECOTRIC Mountain Electric Bike has a Shimano 7-speed transmission. The Shimano system allows riders to easily shift between gears, making it easier to navigate steeper inclines and descents. The Shimano system is also known for its precision and smoothness when shifting gears, ensuring a comfortable and efficient ride.

Frame and Design

The ECOTRIC Mountain Electric Bike has been built with a mountain bike frame to withstand the rigors of trail riding and commuting. The design also features an ergonomic handlebar and saddle that improve comfort on long rides. The saddle is adjustable, making it easy to find the perfect fit. The bike has a sleek, modern design, with a black and white color scheme, making it an eye-catching bike wherever you go.


Overall, the ECOTRIC Mountain Electric Bike is an excellent investment for anyone seeking to commute and ride with ease. The bike comes with all the necessary features, including a powerful motor, a removable battery, and suspension forks, to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. With the Shimano 7-speed transmission and adjustable saddle, riders can maintain a comfortable riding position and enjoy a more efficient and enjoyable ride. The bike boasts a sturdy build and sleek design, making it an ideal option for those who value style and comfort.


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