“Electric Bike Review: Discover the AMAYYAzxc Bike EU Stock 26” Fat Mountain Bike”


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AMAYYAzxc Bike EU Stock: 26” Fat Mountain Electric Bike with 1000W Motor, 48V 17Ah Battery, and 4.0 Tire for Men – Perfect for Snow, Cruising, and More!

Looking for an adventurous ride? Look no further than our aluminum alloy car, capable of carrying up to 150kg of weight. Equipped with an electric brake system, our car is perfect for off-road excursions. So why settle for a mundane ride when you can soar freely through the great outdoors? Not only will you feel the rush of adrenaline, but you’ll also strengthen the bond between you and your friends. Thanks to the adjustable assistance provided by our eBike drive system, staying fit and healthy has never been easier. So come join us and embrace the thrill of the ride!

Product Stats

1. Brand: AMAYYAzxc
2. Type: Electric Mountain Bike
3. Model: EU Stock Fat Electric Bike
4. Wheel size: 26 inches
5. Motor power: 1000W
6. Battery voltage: 48V
7. Battery capacity: 17Ah
8. Tire size: 4.0 inches
9. Frame material: Aluminum Alloy
10. Max speed: 28mph
11. Distance per charge: Up to 50 miles
12. Brake type: Hydraulic disc brakes
13. Suspension: Full suspension
14. Transmission: Shimano 7-speed
15. Pedal assist levels: 3
16. LED headlight: Yes
17. Horn: Yes
18. Weight: 65 lbs
19. Maximum load capacity: 330 lbs
20. Suitable for: Adults (Men and Women)

“Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with AMAYYAzxc’s 1000W Electric Mountain Bike”


Looking for a new electric bike that can keep up with your rugged commute or outdoor adventures? Look no further than the AMAYYAzxc Bike EU Stock Electric Bike. This 26” fat mountain bike boasts a powerful 1000W motor and 48V 17Ah battery, making it easy to tackle even the toughest trails. With 4.0 tires and a sleek, modern design, this bike is the perfect choice for anyone who wants speed, power, and style all in one package.


The AMAYYAzxc Bike EU Stock Electric Bike is a real powerhouse when it comes to performance. With a 1000W motor and a 48V 17Ah battery, this bike can reach speeds of up to 30mph and cover distances of up to 50 miles on a single charge. The bike’s 4.0 tires make it easy to tackle any terrain, from smooth city streets to rough mountain paths. In addition, the bike features a Shimano 21-speed transmission system that lets you shift gears quickly and smoothly, giving you the ultimate control over your ride.


One of the standout features of the AMAYYAzxc Bike EU Stock Electric Bike is its comfortable ride. The bike’s oversized, fat tires provide extra cushioning and shock absorption, reducing the amount of impact you feel on bumpy roads or trails. The bike also has a large, padded seat and ergonomic handlebars that are designed to reduce strain on your back, neck, and wrists. Overall, this bike is a great choice for riders who want to feel comfortable and supported during long rides.


Safety is a top priority when it comes to cycling, and the AMAYYAzxc Bike EU Stock Electric Bike doesn’t disappoint. The bike has powerful front and rear disc brakes that allow you to come to a quick stop, even when you’re going downhill at high speeds. The bike also has a bright headlight and rear light that make you visible to other motorists and cyclists, even in low-light conditions. Plus, the bike’s durable frame and sturdy construction make it a reliable option for everyday use.


The AMAYYAzxc Bike EU Stock Electric Bike has a sleek, modern design that’s sure to turn heads. The bike’s bright orange color and black accents give it a bold, sporty look that’s perfect for riders who want to make a statement. In addition, the bike’s beefy tires and rugged frame give it a tough, durable feel that’s well-suited for outdoor adventures. Overall, this bike is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a stylish, high-performance electric bike.


At its price point, the AMAYYAzxc Bike EU Stock Electric Bike delivers incredible value for money. With its powerful motor, large battery, and top-of-the-line components, this bike can easily compete with more expensive models. Plus, the bike’s durable construction and reliable performance make it a great long-term investment. Overall, this electric bike is a great choice for anyone who wants a high-quality, high-performance bike without breaking the bank.


Looking for a powerful, reliable electric bike that can handle anything you throw at it? The AMAYYAzxc Bike EU Stock Electric Bike is definitely worth considering. With its powerful motor, durable construction, and stylish design, this bike is sure to impress. Whether you’re commuting to work, riding through rough trails, or just cruising around town, the AMAYYAzxc Bike EU Stock Electric Bike is a versatile, high-performing option that’s definitely worth checking out.


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