“Experience the Ultimate Performance and Comfort with KQi3 MAX/PRO Electric Scooter”



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NIU Electric Scooter for Adults – KQi3 MAX/PRO: High Performance & Comfort Kick Scooter with Long Range & Triple Braking System

Experience a smoother and more comfortable ride with the NIU Electric Scooter for Adults – KQi3 MAX/PRO! This high-performance kick scooter offers a 40/31 mile long range, with a maximum speed of 23.6MPH/20MPH, making it the perfect choice for urban commuters or adventure-seekers alike.

NIU’s electric scooter features a wider and taller design than standard e scooters, with 25% wider handlebars, a 13% wider deck, and 30% fatter tires for improved stability and shock absorption. With a weight capacity of up to 220 lbs, you can confidently hit the road on the KQi3’s 9.5” rubber tubeless tires and enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride.

Safety is key, and the KQi3 Pro has got you covered. Its triple-braking system includes a front mechanical disc brake and rear dual disc and electric brake for maximum control and stopping power. The intelligent regenerative braking system even recovers energy, improving your riding range and efficiency. Plus, with an aerospace-grade aluminum frame, Halo headlights, and a mechanical bell, you can feel confident and secure while exploring your city.

Take control of your ride with NIU’s app and LED display. Connect via Bluetooth to lock your scooter and customize your speed and cruise control settings. Plus, track your riding stats and enjoy a more personalized riding experience.

NIU stands behind their products and provides a 2-year warranty and UL certification for extra peace of mind. Don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill e scooter – upgrade to the NIU Electric Scooter for Adults – KQi3 MAX/PRO for a thrilling, comfortable, and safe ride.

Product Stats

– Type: Electric scooter for adults
– Model: KQi3 MAX/PRO
– Maximum speed: 23.6 MPH (MAX version), 20 MPH (PRO version)
– Maximum range: 40 miles (MAX version), 31 miles (PRO version)
– Motor power: 500W (MAX version), 350W (PRO version)
– Battery capacity: 28Ah (MAX version), 18Ah (PRO version)
– Charging time: 7 hours (MAX version), 4 hours (PRO version)
– Weight limit: 264 lbs
– Braking system: triple braking system (electronic, regenerative, and disc brakes)
– Suspension system: front and rear shock absorption
– Display: LED dashboard with speed, battery level, and mode indicator
– Foldable: Yes, portable folding design for easy storage and transportation
– Certification: UL Certified for safety and quality assurance

NIU KQi3 MAX/PRO Electric Scooter Review: High Performance & Comfort in a Portable Package


The NIU KQi3 MAX/ PRO is an electric scooter specifically designed for adults. It promises high performance, long range, and comfort, making it an excellent option for those who want to commute or travel with ease. With its sleek design and triple braking system, the KQi3 MAX/PRO is undoubtedly a scooter worth considering.


The design is one of the most important aspects of any electric scooter, and the NIU KQi3 MAX/PRO does not disappoint. It has a sleek appearance with a black and gray color combination that gives it a modern look. The scooter is also made of high-quality materials that give it a sturdy build, making it durable against wear and tear. The KQi3 MAX/PRO also boasts a portable folding feature, which makes it easy to carry and store, making it ideal for those who want to commute to work.


When it comes to performance, the NIU KQi3 MAX/PRO does not disappoint. It has a 40-mile range on a single charge, which is excellent for an electric scooter. The MAX model can hit a top speed of 23.6mph while the PRO model has a top speed of 20mph. The electric motor is also powerful enough to climb steep hills, making it ideal for those living in hilly areas. The NIU KQi3 MAX/PRO comes with three different riding modes, making it ideal for those learning to ride an electric scooter.


The NIU KQi3 MAX/PRO has an impressive triple braking system, which is an essential safety feature in electric scooters. The triple braking system includes a front disc brake, regenerative braking, and rear drum brake, providing exceptional stopping power. It also has an LED headlight that keeps the rider visible while riding at night. The scooter is also UL certified for quality and safety, making it a safe ride for both the rider and those around them.


The NIU KQi3 MAX/PRO was specifically designed for comfort, and it shows. It features a wide deck that makes it easier to find a comfortable position while riding. The long handlebars allow for a comfortable riding position, preventing back pain or fatigue caused by hunching over while riding. The ride quality is also smooth, thanks to the front and rear suspension.


The NIU KQi3 MAX/PRO electric scooter is accessible to most people. It has a weight capacity of up to 267lbs, making it ideal for most adults. The scooter is also easy to use, thanks to the simple controls and three different riding modes that cater to different skill levels. The portable folding feature also makes it accessible to anyone who needs a compact form of transport.


Overall, the NIU KQi3 MAX/PRO electric scooter for adults delivers on its promises. It is a high-performance, long-range, and comfortable electric scooter that is accessible to most people. With its impressive triple braking system, sleek design, and UL certification, it is undoubtedly worth considering for anyone looking for an efficient and safe mode of transport.


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