“Get on Board with Eggboards: A Review of the Original Mini Longboard”

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Elevate Your Ride with Eggboards Mini Longboard – The Original Bamboo Cruiser Skateboard for Smooth and Easy Travel!

Discover Eggboards, the perfect boards and gear for any urban skateboarder! Our Bamboo Mini Longboards are a must-have for commuters looking to shred on their morning ride. Lightweight and compact, these mini cruisers are easy to tuck into your backpack once you’ve reached your destination. Plus, our boards are smooth and stable to ride, just like a longboard, but in a more portable size.

At Eggboards, we take pride in our community of riders who live for cruising. Our products are not only portable but also incredibly durable. They’re manufactured from six full plies of bamboo, ensuring longevity and reducing the likelihood of chips over time. Ride smoothly over any debris on sidewalks and streets, no matter your level of skill. Even experienced riders will find the Eggboard enjoyable to cruise on, while beginners will have a blast learning.

Our founder, Paolo, created the Eggboard after moving to California and wanting to take his board with him everywhere. Today, we celebrate every ride, even those short trips to the store to grab some milk. So, if you’re looking for an easy, enjoyable ride, look no further than Eggboards!

Product Stats

1. Size: 19.25 inches long, 9.25 inches wide
2. Deck Material: Bamboo wood
3. Trucks: 4.25 inch aluminum trucks
4. Wheels: 60mm, 78A polyurethane
5. Bearings: ABEC-7
6. Weight: 4.5 pounds
7. Weight Capacity: 220 pounds
8. Shape: Mini Cruiser
9. Design Options: “The Original” design
10. Portability: Lightweight and easy to carry
11. Smooth Ride: Smooth and comfortable riding experience

Eggboards Mini Longboard Review: The Ultimate Bamboo Cruiser Skateboard!


Eggboards Mini Longboard The Original is a fantastic skateboard that is perfect for both adults and kids. This board is compact yet sturdy, light, and easy to carry, making it an excellent fit for anyone looking to try out skateboarding.

Design and Construction

The Eggboards Mini Longboard The Original boasts of a sleek and stylish design, thanks to its bamboo wood build. The board is incredibly durable and can carry a maximum weight of 240 pounds. The mini longboard’s wheels are made of high-quality polyurethane, and the board’s grip is excellent, ensuring that the rider is safe at all times.


The Eggboards Mini Longboard The Original is a dream to ride. The board’s light build makes it easy to maneuver, while its polyurethane wheels offer a smooth and stable ride. The board’s turning radius is also impressive, making it a great fit for cruising around town or even for more aggressive riding.


The mini longboard is incredibly versatile, making it perfect for different types of riders. Whether you’re a beginner, a pro, looking for a cruiser or just a board to get around town, the Eggboards Mini Longboard The Original is a perfect pick.


One of the most significant advantages of the Eggboards Mini Longboard The Original is its portability. The board is incredibly compact, making it easy to carry around. It’s lightweight too, so you don’t have to worry about extra weight when traveling. You can easily toss it in a backpack and head out for your next adventure.

Maintenance and Accessories

The Eggboards Mini Longboard The Original is easy to maintain. The bamboo wood construction makes it resistant to cracks and chipping, while the wheels require little to no maintenance. Additionally, there are accessories available to accessorize the board to suit your tastes.


Overall, the Eggboards Mini Longboard The Original is an excellent skateboard that provides a smooth, stable ride. Its lightweight and compact design make it an excellent fit for anyone looking to get into skateboarding. Its strength and durability ensure that it will last for years, making it an excellent investment for anyone looking for a reliable skateboard.


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