“HIFRRUY 38” Electric Skateboard: Are You Ready to Experience a Speedy & Smooth Ride?”

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HIFRRUY 38” Electric Skateboard for Adults: Dual Motor E-Skateboard with Remote, 25MPH Speed, and 21.7 Miles Range – Perfect for Teens!

Introducing the HIFRRUY Electric Skateboard, the perfect way to enjoy a free and relaxing ride around town. These electric skateboards are suitable for both unisex-adults and teenagers, designed to bring new energy and convenience to your life. Whether you’re commuting to work or prefer to ride purely for recreational purposes, the HIFRRUY electric skateboard has been innovated to give you the smoothest and most enjoyable riding experience possible.

With a 900W dual hub motor offering 3-speed modes, you can choose the perfect pace for your level of experience – low speed (7mph), medium speed (16mph), or high speed (25mph). And with 3.5*2.0inch high-grip PU wheels, you’ll enjoy excellent shock absorption and a smooth ride every time. The electric skateboard can even conquer up to 25% of hills with ease, making it more powerful and stable than ever before. Plus, you can use it as a normal longboard without electricity, too.

Equipped with a 2.4Ghz wireless remote control, the HIFRRUY electric skateboard offers easy forward and backward acceleration and braking. With a maximum control distance of 14m and a battery level LED indicator, you’ll always be in control of your ride. And with its ergonomic, stable design, made of 8 layers of maple wood, this longboard can withstand all kinds of press collisions without deformation. Plus, with a max load capacity of 330lbs, it’s suitable for riders of all sizes.

Finally, the HIFRRUY Jupiter-02 longboard comes with complete after-sales support to ensure your satisfaction. So why wait? Try it out today and discover the convenience, comfort, and fun of our electric skateboards!

Product Stats

Load Capacity.

– Product Name: HIFRRUY 38” Electric Skateboard for Adults
– Suitable for: Adults and Teens
– Motor: Dual 900W Motor
– Max Speed: 25 MPH
– Range: 21.7 miles
– Speed Adjustment: 3 levels
– Deck Material: 8 layers of Maple
– Load Capacity: 330 lbs
– Charging Time: 3-4 hours
– Battery Capacity: 36V, 6600mAh lithium ion battery
– Wheel Size: 90mm
– Remote Control: Yes
– Waterproof Level: IP54
– Product Dimensions: 38 x 10 x 5 inches
– Product Weight: 18.9 lbs
– Warranty: 12 months

HIFRRUY 38” Electric Skateboard: The Ultimate Ride Experience for Adults and Teens


The HIFRRUY 38” Electric Skateboard is an impressively designed electric longboard for adults and teens alike. Equipped with dual motors, this skateboard boasts a maximum speed of 25MPH and can travel up to 21.7 miles on a single charge. The Board is made of 8-layered maple and can handle up to 330lbs. The 3-speed adjustment function of the skateboard allows riders to tailor their ride to their preferences, with a remote control system that is both easy to use and a pleasure to handle.

In this review, we’ll delve into the different aspects of the product and determine whether it lives up to its high-quality standard.

Motor Power and Max Speed

The HIFRRUY electric skateboard is equipped with 900W dual motors that offer enough power to accelerate quickly and climb hills with ease. The maximum speed of 25MPH is impressive, and the board doesn’t feel shaky, even when cruising at top speeds.

Range and Battery Life

The electric longboard’s 21.7-mile range is impressive and is due to its high-quality battery that offers a long lifespan and performs consistently. In addition, the battery charges quickly, taking only 3-4 hours to recharge fully, making it perfect for when riders have a limited time to spare.

Deck and durability

The 8-layered maple deck of the HIFRRUY electric skateboard is both sturdy and durable, making it able to withstand large weights and daily usage without wearing down. The trucks are robust and can support the board’s weight, making it feel solid and stable. Moreover, the grip tape is well placed and offers excellent traction without feeling overly abrasive.

Remote Control

The remote control system of the HIFRRUY electric skateboard is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to adjust the speed and tailor the ride to suit one’s preferences. The controls are responsive, and the board is quick to follow the commands from the remote. Additionally, the remote’s ergonomic design ensures that riders can easily operate it with one hand, freeing up their other hand for optimal control.

Safety features

The safety features of the HIFRRUY electric skateboard are impressive and provide peace of mind. The board comes with an intelligent electromagnetic brake that stops the skateboard immediately if needed, further aiding in the rider’s safety. Also, the battery is encased and protected from the environment, preventing any rider-related accidents or malfunctions.

Weight and Portability

The HIFRRUY electric skateboard weighs 18.9lbs, making it lightweight and easy to carry around. The portable size and weight of the board make it a joy to carry it around, and it can easily be taken on public transportation or used for commuting. The board’s sleek design further makes it easy to store it away when not in use.


In conclusion, the HIFRRUY 38” Electric Skateboard offers a fantastic experience that is both efficient and enjoyable. Its impressive motor power and speed, coupled with its long-range, make it ideal for daily commutes. The HIFRRUY skateboard’s durability and safety features make it a practical and safe choice for adult riders. The board’s intuitive controls, ergonomic remote, and light-weight build further cement its reputation as a great electric skateboard. Overall, the HIFRRUY electric skateboard is an excellent buy that is suitable for riders who value speed, performance, and safety.


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