“HITWAY Electric Bike Review: A Powerful and Versatile E-Bike for Men and Women”


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“Explore the Ultimate Riding Experience with HITWAY’s 750W Electric Bike for Adults, Featuring Removable Battery and 26″×3.0 Fat Tire”

Looking for a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around town? Look no further than HITWAY! Our urban sports line is designed to help you conquer the world and explore the future, whether you’re commuting to work or hitting the trails for a weekend adventure.

Our HITWAY Pannier Bike Bag is the perfect accessory for any ride, while our BK6M, BK3M, and 14F005 electric bikes offer a range of power and performance options to suit your needs. With features like intelligent LCD displays, 3 riding modes, and 7 gears, you’re sure to find the perfect bike for your style and preferences.

What really sets HITWAY apart, though, is our commitment to quality and value. We’ve spent the past two years listening to customer feedback and fine-tuning our products to provide the best possible experience for riders like you. From lightweight materials to advanced suspension and braking systems, we’ve thought of every detail to ensure your comfort and safety on the road.

So why wait? Browse our selection today and discover the joys of riding with HITWAY!

Product Stats

Waterproof, and Front & Rear Disc Brakes

1. Motor: 750W brushless geared motor
2. Battery: 48V/14Ah removable battery
3. Range: 35-75 miles per charge
4. Top Speed: 20MPH
5. Tire Size: 26″ x 3.0″ fat tire
6. Transmission: Shimano 7-speed
7. Brake Type: Front and rear disc brakes
8. Waterproof level: IP54
9. Weight: 60lbs
10. Load capacity: 330lbs
11. Frame material: Aluminum alloy
12. LCD display: Multi-function display with speedometer, odometer, battery indicator, and PAS level.
13. Suspension: Front suspension fork
14. Charging time: 4-6 hours
15. Certification: CE/FCC/UN38.3
16. Warranty: 1-year warranty for the battery and the electric system, 2-years for the frame.

“Unleashing the Power of HITWAY Electric Bike: A Review of the 750W Ebike with 26″ Fat Tire and Shimano 7-Speed Transmission”


The HITWAY Electric Bike for Adults is an exceptional piece of technology for those seeking an environmentally sustainable mode of transportation. This e-bike has a number of outstanding features that promise long-lasting satisfaction for anyone who loves bikes. With a 750W/48V/14Ah capacity, this bike can take you up to 20mph, and with a range of 35-75 miles, you won’t have to worry about getting where you need to go. The bike also features 26″×3.0 fat tires, making it ideal for mountain biking or rough terrain. This bike has a Shimano 7-speed transmission, providing you with the flexibility to handle any terrain.


The HITWAY Electric Bike has an attractive and sleek design that will definitely turn heads. The design of the bike is suitable for both men and women, with a sturdy frame that can accommodate riders of different sizes. The design of the bike is further enhanced by the Shimano 7-speed transmission, allowing you to easily adjust the bike to suit different conditions, whether you are climbing steep hills or cruising through city streets.

One of the most remarkable features of this e-bike is its 26″×3.0 fat tires. These tires are designed to handle challenging terrain, providing better balance and grip, and making the bike suitable for off-road adventures. Additionally, the bike features a removable battery, which adds to its convenience and versatility. You can easily remove and charge the battery at home, which is vital for long rides. With an IP54 rating, this bike is water-resistant and can handle a range of weather conditions.


The HITWAY Electric Bike delivers impressive performance, with a 750W/48V/14Ah capacity motor capable of achieving a top speed of 20mph. The bike can run for an impressive range of 35-75 miles on a single charge, which is a significant distance for a bike. With the Shimano 7-speed transmission, you can adjust the bike to the perfect speed for each condition. The bike is also easy to handle, thanks to its fat tires, which provide excellent balance and grip.

The bike features a front suspension fork, which provides added comfort, especially when cycling on rough terrain. The suspension fork is sensitive, and you can adjust it to suit your preferences.


The HITWAY Electric Bike provides excellent riding comfort, thanks to its powerful motor and fat tires. Even when cycling through rough terrain, the bike remains stable, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. Additionally, the bike features a comfortable saddle that is suitable for both men and women. The saddle is adjustable, fitting all heights for enhanced comfort.

The bike also features a bright LED headlight, providing exceptional visibility when cycling at night. Additionally, the bike has a horn, which is a useful feature for signaling pedestrians or other riders.


Portability is critical when it comes to e-bikes, particularly if you want to take your bike with you when travelling. The HITWAY Electric Bike is designed with portability in mind, featuring a removable battery that can be charged at home. The bike’s tires are also detachable, making it easy to transport in a car or truck. Additionally, the bike has a folding handlebar, which reduces its size, facilitating easy storage.


There are many good things to say about the HITWAY Electric Bike. The bike features a powerful motor, fat tires, and a Shimano 7-speed transmission, making it suitable for different riding conditions. Additionally, the bike has a long-range, capable of travelling up to 75 miles on a single charge. Portability is also a significant advantage, with a removable battery and a folding handlebar. The bike is sturdy, convenient and comfortable to ride.


One downside to the HITWAY Electric Bike is its weight. The fat tires and sturdy frame make the bike heavy, which may be an issue for some riders. Additionally, while the bike has a maximum speed of 20mph, it can feel slower at times, particularly when climbing steep hills. Finally, while the bike is water-resistant, it is not entirely waterproof, and some riders may need to take precautions in wet weather.


Overall, the HITWAY Electric Bike is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an environmentally sustainable mode of transportation. The e-bike features a powerful motor, fat tires, and a Shimano 7-speed transmission, making it suitable for different terrain types. The bike’s range is an impressive 35-75 miles, and it is also easy to transport, thanks to its removable battery, folding handlebar, and detachable tires. With the HITWAY Electric Bike, you are getting a top-quality e-bike that promises long-lasting satisfaction.


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