iRonsnow LANKELEISI MTB Electric Bike Review: Dual Motors, 7 Speed, Hydraulic Disc Brake & More!


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Price: $1,999.00
(as of May 09,2023 23:07:42 UTC – Details)

iRonsnow LANKELEISI Newest Dual Motors MTB: A Powerful 2000W E-Bike with Shimano 7 Speed and Hydraulic Disc Brake for Adults

Looking for an amazing electric bike that’s perfect for adventurous adults? Look no further than the iRonsnow LANKELEISI Newest Dual Motors MTB! With its powerful 2000W dual motor – equipped with a star gear design to amplify torque and improve energy efficiency – this bike delivers unbeatable speed and performance on every ride. Plus, with a 20Ah 48V battery, hydraulic disc brake, front suspension front fork, and fat tires, you’ll enjoy excellent handling and enhanced comfort no matter where you go. And with three different modes, including Pure electric mode, Pure Human mode, and Pedal assist mode, the iRonsnow LANKELEISI bike lets you customize your ride to suit your needs. So why wait? Experience the ultimate in high-tech, high-performance electric biking today with the iRonsnow LANKELEISI!

Product Stats

1. Dual motors: Yes
2. Shimano gears: Yes, 7 speed
3. Hydraulic disc brakes: Yes
4. Torque: 90-100NM
5. Battery capacity: 20AH
6. Motor power: 2000W
7. Tire size: 26″ fat tire
8. Maximum speed: 35MPH
9. Suitable for: Adults
10. Type: Electric Bicycle

Unleashing the Power of iRonsnow LANKELEISI – The Latest Dual Motors MTB!


The iRonsnow LANKELEISI Newest Dual Motors MTB is a top-quality electric bike that guarantees you a smooth, comfortable ride across any terrain. With its robust design and incredible features like the Shimano 7-speed system, hydraulic disc brakes, and 2000W motors, this bike is perfect for adventurous riders who love to explore new trails.

Design and Build Quality

The iRonsnow LANKELEISI Newest Dual Motors MTB stands out with its rugged, all-terrain design that features 26-inch fat tires suitable for all kinds of terrains. The frame is made of durable aluminum, making the bike lightweight yet sturdy enough to handle rough terrain and high-speed rides. The bike also features a superb suspension system that not only makes the ride smooth but also ensures that you remain comfortable throughout your journey.

Motor and Battery

The iRonsnow LANKELEISI MTB is equipped with dual motors that provide a total of 2000W power output and can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. This bike also features a 20AH battery that provides ample power for long-distance rides, giving you up to 50 miles of range in a single charge. This bike is perfect for thrill-seekers who love to push their limits and explore new areas.

Brakes and Gears

The iRonsnow LANKELEISI MTB comes with a Shimano 7-speed system that helps you navigate various terrain easily. It also has hydraulic disc brakes that guarantee riders total safety and control when navigating steep hills or braking in emergency situations. The brakes are also heat-resistant, ensuring that you can ride safely and smoothly even in high-temperature conditions.

Comfort and Convenience

This bike is designed for maximum comfort, with an ergonomic saddle that ensures you remain comfortable even during long-distance rides. The handlebars are also adjustable and padded to provide a comfortable grip for riders of different heights. The LED headlight, taillights, and reflectors ensure that you are visible even in low-light conditions, making this bike a safe choice for night-time rides.

Pros and Cons

– Dual motors and a powerful battery provide ample power and speed for adventurous riders
– Hydraulic disc brakes ensure total control and safety when navigating steep hills or emergency braking
– 26-inch fat tires and a superb suspension system ensure a smooth and comfortable ride across any terrain
– Shimano 7-speed system helps riders navigate various terrains easily

– It requires assembly, which may be a challenge for novice riders
– The bike is relatively heavy, which may be challenging for some riders
– The price is higher than the average e-bike, making it less accessible to some riders


The iRonsnow LANKELEISI Newest Dual Motors MTB is a perfect electric bike for adventurous riders who love exploring new terrains. With its powerful motor and battery, superior shock absorption, and hydraulic disc brakes, you are assured of a comfortable and safe ride regardless of the terrain. Although it may be expensive, its high-quality features make it a great investment for thrill-seekers who are passionate about biking.


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