KETELES K800 Electric Bike Review: Is It Worth Buying?


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Price: $1,899.00
(as of May 14,2023 22:09:14 UTC – Details)

“Power Up Your Ride with KETELES K800 2000W Electric Bike for Adults – All Terrain, Dual Motor, Removable Battery, and More!”

Looking for a high-quality, high-power, and high-speed electric bike that ensures complete safety during outdoor adventures? Look no further than KETELES! As professional suppliers engaged in the production and sales of electric bicycles, we are committed to providing reliable and enjoyable riding experiences to all our customers.

One of our best-selling models is the KETELES Fat Tire Electric Bike. With a 2000W motor and all-terrain fat tires, this e-bike is perfect for rocky beaches, snow-covered countryside, or climbing steep hills. And, with a high-capacity 48V 23Ah removable battery, you can ride up to 40 miles on a single charge.

But that’s not all! The KETELES Electric Bike also comes with a reliable safety system, including a front and rear hydraulic brake system with power-off function, to help you stop quickly and smoothly even at high speeds. Plus, with four riding modes and a smart display that tracks your e-bike’s voyage in real-time, you can enjoy pure electric mode, pedal assist mode, classic bike mode, or cruise control mode to suit your riding needs.

And, with our professional warranty services, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always be taken care of. So, why wait? Join the KETELES community today and experience the joy of outdoor adventure on one of the best electric bikes on the market!

Product Stats

1. Product Name: KETELES K800 Electric Bike
2. Motor Power: 2000W Dual Motors
3. Battery Capacity: 23AH – Removable Lithium-ion Battery
4. Maximum Speed: Up to 35 MPH
5. Wheel Size: 26 inches
6. Tire Type: All Terrain Fat Tires
7. Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc Brake
8. Suspension System: Front Suspension Fork
9. Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
10. Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
11. Charging Time: 4-6 Hours
12. Mileage Range: Up to 50 Miles
13. Display: LCD with Speedometer, Odometer, Battery Level
14. Lighting: LED Headlight and Taillight
15. Color: Black
16. Suitable for: Adults, Mountain Biking, Beach Cruising, City Commuting
17. Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

KETELES K800 Electric Bike Review: A High-Performance, All-Terrain Beast for Adrenaline Junkies


The KETELES K800 2000W 23AH Electric Bike is the ultimate all-terrain fat tire electric bike designed for adults. With dual motors and a removable battery, this mountain e-bike can reach speeds of up to 35mph. The hydraulic disc brake system ensures your safety and control while riding in rugged terrains. The 26” wheels equipped with all-terrain fat tires provide excellent traction on sandy beaches, snowy roads, or rocky mountains. Let us dive into different aspects of this electric bike and see how it performs.

Design and Build Quality

The KETELES K800 2000W 23AH Electric Bike has a sturdy frame made of aluminum alloy that can handle the toughest terrains. Its dual suspension system provides a comfortable ride experience while reducing the impact of uneven roads. The fat tires make this electric city bike stand out from the crowd, giving it a unique and edgy look. The bike is equipped with an LED headlight, taillight, and reflective strips providing visibility and safety when riding at night.

Performance and Battery Life

The KETELES K800 2000W 23AH Electric Bike is powered by a high-performance 2000W dual motor that can tackle steep hills and power through even the toughest terrain. The removable 23AH Lithium-ion battery pack provides a range of up to 50 miles, depending on the terrain, rider weight, and weather conditions. The bike can reach speeds of up to 35mph, making it suitable for off-road and on-road use.

Control and Handling

The KETELES K800 2000W 23AH Electric Bike is equipped with a hydraulic braking system that ensures smooth and responsive braking. Its 7-speed Shimano transmission system provides precise and smooth shifting, enabling you to ride in different terrains with ease. The fat tires ensure excellent grip and traction, giving you full control of the bike even in snowy or sandy terrain.

Comfort and Convenience

The KETELES K800 2000W 23AH Electric Bike provides a comfortable ride experience, thanks to its dual suspension system and thickly padded saddle. Its ergonomic handlebars provide a relaxed riding position, reducing stress on your back and wrists. The removable battery pack makes it convenient to charge the battery, and the LCD display shows essential information such as speed, distance, battery life, and more.

Price and Value for Money

The KETELES K800 2000W 23AH Electric Bike is priced higher than many other electric bikes in the market. However, given its high-performance dual motor, range, and all-terrain capability, this e-bike provides excellent value for money. Its sturdy build quality, comfortable ride experience, and convenient features make this electric bike an excellent investment for those who love off-road adventures or need a reliable commuting option.


The KETELES K800 2000W 23AH Electric Bike is an excellent choice for those who want an all-terrain electric bike that can tackle any road or terrain. Its dual motor, fat tires, and hydraulic brake system provide excellent performance, stability, and control. Its comfortable ride experience and convenient features make it an ideal commuting option or off-road adventure bike. However, its high price may not suit everyone’s budget, but if you can afford it, this bike provides excellent value for money.


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