“MBS All-Terrain Longboard Review: Is It Worth the Hype?”



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“Experience Thrilling Rides with the MBS All-Terrain Longboard”

Are you ready to hit the trails and cruise through any terrain? Look no further than the MBS All Terrain Longboard! This board is designed to take on anything with 190mm Navigator Drones trucks that provide precision turning and a sturdy maple-lam drop deck that keeps your center of gravity low for optimal off-roading. You’ll also enjoy smooth rides thanks to the rubber shielded ABEC 9 bearings. And the best part? This all terrain longboard comes completely assembled and ready to ride! Check out our action shots of an all terrain longboarder in action and the sleek design of MBS mountainboards. Don’t wait, grab your MBS All Terrain Longboard today from the manufacturer.

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“MBS All-Terrain Longboard: Unleash Your Inner Thrill-Seeker with this Beast of a Board”


The MBS All-Terrain Longboard is a premium quality longboard that is perfect for those who want to take their skating adventure to new heights. This high-performance longboard is designed for all terrains, including rough and uneven surfaces, sand and grass, making it ideal for off-road adventures. The board’s superior quality construction ensures durability, while its comfortable grip, and smooth ride make it perfect for cruising or carving. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, the MBS All-Terrain Longboard is the ultimate board for your every need.


The deck of the MBS All-Terrain Longboard is constructed from high-grade 100% bamboo and fiberglass, making it extremely durable and long-lasting. The deck is lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand heavy-duty use, making it ideal for the off-road terrain. Additionally, the board features a fully concaved shape, ensuring that your feet stay in place while riding. The grip tape on the top of the deck provides extra traction and maximum control, improving your overall skating experience.


The MBS All-Terrain Longboard is equipped with 100mm all-terrain wheels that are perfect for off-road adventures. The wheels are made from high-quality polyurethane and have a unique tread pattern, providing superior grip and traction on all surfaces. The large wheels allow for a smoother ride, making even the roughest terrain feel like a leisurely cruise.


The MBS All-Terrain Longboard features high-performance reverse kingpin trucks that provide exceptional stability and maneuverability, even at high speeds. The precision-machined trucks are made from high-grade aluminum, which is strong and durable. The adjustable trucks allow you to customize the tightness and looseness of the trucks for a personalized skating experience.


The MBS All-Terrain Longboard features premium quality ABEC-9 chrome steel bearings that ensure a smooth and fast ride. The bearings are pre-lubricated, allowing for less maintenance, and reducing the chances of damage to the bearings.


The MBS All-Terrain Longboard is designed to look and feel premium, with its sleek and stylish graphics and design. The deck has a natural finish that shows off the bamboo and fiberglass construction. The board has a unique and distinctive shape that makes it stand out from other longboards. The board comes in various colors, allowing you to choose the one that suits your style.


In conclusion, the MBS All-Terrain Longboard is an exceptional board that provides a smooth and comfortable ride, even on rough terrains. Its high-quality construction, top-of-the-line components, and superior design make it an ideal board for both beginners and experienced skaters alike. With this longboard, you can explore new terrains and take your skating experience to the next level. The MBS All-Terrain Longboard is a sound investment that will last for years to come.


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