“NARRAK 350W Step-Thru Electric Bicycle: A Comprehensive Review”


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NARRAK 350W 36V 10Ah 26″ Step-Thru Electric Bicycle: Your Ultimate City and Mountain Commuter Bike with up to 30 Miles Range!

Get ready to experience the ultimate riding adventure with the Narrak Electric City Bicycle! As a trusted electric bicycle manufacturer for over 10 years, Narrak knows what it takes to combine unbeatable quality with affordability and exceptional riding experiences. Say goodbye to traffic and hello to smooth rides with our 26″ puncture-resistant tires, Shimano 7-speed, and dual shock absorber. Your safety is our top priority which is why our city bike is equipped with the perfect dual-disc brakes and lighting system.

The Narrak Electric City Bicycle offers 3 working modes: Throttle Mode, Pedal-assisted Mode, and Regular Bicycle Mode. With the assisted mode, you can get your daily exercise while enjoying the refreshing convenience of our electric bike. Our electric bike even comes with a front basket and integrated rear rack for your personal belongings, cargo, and whenever you’re ready for your next adventure.

Our bike comes ready-to-go, already pre-assembled, so you can enjoy your new ride without the hassle of complicated assembly. With a powerful 350w rear-drive motor and a long-range 36V, 10Ah battery, you can travel up to 30 miles per charge using pedal assist while reaching a top speed of 20mph.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of our happy customers who loved their Narrak Electric City Bicycle! Our friendly US-based team is available to answer all of your inquiries regarding assembly or any potential issues. Remember, we also offer a risk-free return policy, so you can buy your Narrak Electric City Bicycle with peace of mind. Contact us today at +1 626 267 2312 (From Monday to Friday, 9 am – 7 pm PST) and experience the ultimate ride of your life!

Product Stats

– Power: 350W
– Voltage: 36V
– Battery capacity: 10Ah
– Range: Up to 30 miles on a single charge
– Frame size: 26″ Step-Thru
– Bike type: City E-Bike and Mountain Bike (can be used for commuting and outdoor adventure)
– Battery type: Removable Lithium-Ion battery
– Charging time: 4-6 hours
– Motor type: Brushless hub motor
– Max speed: Up to 20mph (may vary depending on terrain and weight of rider)
– Gears: Shimano 7-speed
– Brakes: Dual disc brakes
– Suspension: Dual shock absorber for a smoother ride
– Display: LCD screen display to show speed, battery level, and distance traveled
– Weight capacity: 220lbs (100kg)
– Recommended rider height: 5’2″ – 6’2″
– Color options: Matte Black, White, Blue, Red, and Lime Green
– Accessories: LED front and rear lights, kickstand, and fenders

NARRAK 350W Electric Bicycle: The Perfect City and Mountain Commuter Bike for Adults


The NARRAK 350W 36V 10Ah 26″ Step-Thru Electric Bicycle is an excellent option for anyone seeking an electric bike that can perform both as a city and mountain bike. The bike features dual shock absorbers that provide a smooth and comfortable ride no matter the terrain. The fact that the battery is removable allows you to charge it anywhere, making it convenient for those who want to use it for long distances. With a Shimano 7-Speed gear system, this bike is suitable for every rider’s preference.

Design and Build Quality

The NARRAK 350W 36V 10Ah 26″ Step-Thru Electric Bicycle is built to last. It features a sturdy aluminum alloy frame that can withstand various types of terrain. The bike design can support both men and women riders comfortably. The design is also built to protect from adrenaline rush with the dual shock absorption mechanism. The saddle is adjustable, allowing riders of varying heights to ride comfortably. The bike’s step-thru design makes it easier for riders to mount and dismount the bike with minimal trouble.

Motor and Battery

The NARRAK 350W 36V 10Ah 26″ Step-Thru Electric Bicycle is powered by a 350W brushless motor that can reach speeds of up to 20mph. The motor is powerful enough to tackle hills and other challenging terrains that might be too difficult for regular bikes. The 10Ah lithium battery is removable, which means you can easily detach it and recharge it separately. The bike’s battery can last up to 30 miles on a single charge, making it suitable for long-distance commuting.

Brakes and Tires

The bike features disc brakes, which provide excellent stopping power regardless of the terrain you’re riding on. They are low maintenance and last longer than traditional rim brakes. The bike’s tires are suitable for all types of terrains, including rough trails and city streets. The 26-inch wheels are large enough to offer stability and smoothness for any type of ride.

Speed and Gears

The NARRAK 350W 36V 10Ah 26″ Step-Thru Electric Bicycle features a Shimano 7-Speed gear system that caters to every rider’s preference. The gear system changes smoothly and accurately, allowing riders to choose their preferred speed and gearing for any terrain, from flat roads to steep hills. The bike’s maximum speed is 20mph, which is the legal limit for e-bikes.

Convenience and Safety

The NARRAK 350W 36V 10Ah 26″ Step-Thru Electric Bicycle is a practical solution for anyone who wants to commute to work or run errands without having to worry about traffic. The bike is equipped with a headlight and a taillight, making it visible to other road users. The bike’s battery is removable and can be charged anywhere, making it ideal for long-distance riders. The bike’s dual shock absorber provides a comfortable experience for riders, while the disc brakes provide excellent stopping power and safety.


The NARRAK 350W 36V 10Ah 26″ Step-Thru Electric Bicycle is an excellent option for anyone seeking an e-bike that is versatile, comfortable, and durable. With its powerful motor, removable battery, disc brakes, and Shimano 7-speed gear system, this bike is designed to cater to the needs of the riders. Its step-thru design makes it easy to mount and dismount, while the dual shock absorption provides a comfortable ride on various terrains. The bike’s safety features, such as its lights, make it suitable for commuting in busy cities. Overall, the NARRAK 350W 36V 10Ah 26″ Step-Thru Electric Bicycle is a reliable and practical solution for anyone seeking an e-bike for work, exercise, or leisure.


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