OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter: The Commuter Electric Scooter for Adults & Teens



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“Get Moving with OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter – ES10/20/30 Models with Range Up to 50 Miles & Speeds up to 20 MPH – Perfect Commuter Electric Scooter for Adults & Teens with Dual Brakes”

Introducing the OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter! This sleek and stylish scooter is the perfect solution for adults and teens looking for a fun and eco-friendly way to commute. With a range of 18.6-50 miles and a top speed of 15.5-20 MPH, you’ll get to your destination quickly and effortlessly.

But that’s not all – the OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter is also built to last. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, the frame is strong and durable, ensuring you can enjoy your scooter for years to come. Plus, with a hidden rear suspension system and front pneumatic tire, you’ll enjoy a smooth and stable ride.

The Neon series is not just practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. With its futuristic design including elegant curves and clean lines, you’ll feel like you’re riding on a work of art. The high-resolution LCD display keeps you informed about your ride, while the Ultra-Modern and Ultra-Clean Cockpit adds to the scooter’s sleek look.

And if you’re looking for customization options, the OKAI app has got you covered. Connect your scooter to the app and unlock features such as ambient light customization, dashboard interface personalization, and personalized ride modes for an unforgettable experience. Plus, with features like NFC and Bluetooth, smart detection, and cruise control, you can easily control your scooter right from your phone.

At OKAI, we’re committed to providing our customers with quality products and outstanding customer support. If you ever have any issues with your OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter, simply contact us for 100% local customer support and quality assurance. Plus, if there are any quality problems, we promise to replace or refund your purchase. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your commute with the OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter today!

Product Stats

1. Model Options: ES10, ES20, ES30
2. Range: 18.6 – 50 miles
3. Speed: 15.5 – 20 MPH
4. Battery: Lithium-ion
5. Charging time: 3-6 hours
6. Motor: 350W – 800W
7. Maximum load: 220 lbs
8. Dual Brakes: Disc brake and eABS
9. Tires: 8.5 inches – 10 inches
10. Suspension: Front and rear
11. LED lights: Front and rear
12. Foldable: Yes
13. Weight: 26.5 lbs – 38.5 lbs
14. Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes
15. App Integration: Yes
16. Water Resistance: IP54
17. Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

“Explore the Range and Speed of OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter – Perfect Commuter Scooter for Adults and Teens”


The OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter is a top-of-the-line, sleek and stylish electric scooter designed for the savvy commuter. With its impressive distance range of 18.6-50 miles and a maximum speed of 15.5-20 MPH, it is built for long distances and high-speed cruising. The scooter also boasts reliable dual brakes, making it safe and secure for riders. It is an ideal choice for adults and teenagers looking for an enhanced riding experience without sacrificing style or comfort.

Design and Build Quality

The OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter has a modern and aesthetic design that is sure to turn heads on the street. The build quality is excellent, with robust manufacturing and sturdy construction materials. The deck is wide and spacious, providing ample space to stand and enjoy a comfortable ride. The adjustable handlebar height allows for individuals of different heights to ride with ease. The wheels are also of high quality and designed to provide a smooth ride, even on rough surfaces.

Battery Life and Charging Time

The electric scooter uses a powerful battery that is easy to charge and maintain. The battery life of OKAI Neon is impressive, ranging from 18.6 to 50 miles depending on the model. Given that, the charging time of the battery is also relatively quick, taking around 4-6 hours, depending on the model. Additionally, the battery has the option of being removed and replaced, providing greater flexibility to the rider.

Performance and Speed

The OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter offers incredible speeds ranging from 15.5 to 20 MPH, depending on the model. It uses a powerful motor that ensures seamless acceleration, even on rough and steep terrains. The scooter is designed for both comfortable cruising as well as quick and short bursts of speed.

Safety and Security

The OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter comes with dual brake systems for enhanced safety and security. It boasts a reliable electronic brake and a mechanical brake that ensures a quick and secure stop when needed. The wide deck and adjustable handlebars also provide a comfortable and stable ride. The scooter also features LED lights for riding at night. The overall design emphasizes maximum rider safety and security.

Price and Warranty

The OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter is priced competitively for its impressive features and quality build. The scooter comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that ensures the quality of the product from the date of purchase. It also includes customer service support, ensuring that any issues that may arise are addressed swiftly and professionally.


The OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter is a high-quality, stylish, and reliable electric scooter ideal for commuting. Its performance, range, and speeds are impressive, and the safety features and security systems make it a reliable choice for those who take their riding experience seriously. With a competitive price point and a manufacturer’s warranty, the OKAI Neon Electric Kick Scooter is a top choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their riding capabilities.


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