QYTEC Electric Scooter Battery – A Reliable, Foldable Solution for Your Daily Commute



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QYTEC Scooter Battery Electric App Scooter – 10 Inches Foldable Design

Looking for an efficient battery removal method? Our portable and removable battery is your go-to solution! With a sturdy load range of 120KG, you can trust our product to get the job done. The open size of 1110*500*1230mm and fold size of 1110*500*540mm make it easy to store and transport. Plus, our battery boasts a classic design that’s sure to impress. Its quick fold feature, fashion-forward appearance, and lightweight design make it a must-have accessory for anyone on the go. So why wait? Order your battery today and experience the convenience of portability and reliability in one amazing package!

Product Stats

– Battery Size: 36V 7.5AH
– Battery Type: Lithium Ion
– Charge Time: 3-6 hours
– Max Speed: 15.5 mph
– Max Range: 12.4 miles
– Motor Size: 350W
– Wheel Size: 10 inches
– Brake Type: Front E-ABS brake, Rear Disc brake
– Suspension: Front and Rear
– Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
– Folded Dimensions: 44.9 x 16.1 x 19.7 inches
– Unfolded Dimensions: 44.9 x 16.1 x 46.1 inches
– Weight: 27.1 lbs

“Revving up the Fun: QYTEC 10 Inch Electric App Scooter Battery Review”


If you’re in the market for a foldable electric scooter, the QYTECddhbc Scooter Battery 10 Inches Electric App Scooter may be worth consideration. This scooter boasts impressive potential for daily commuting, with a large battery capacity, good speed, and portability features. Additionally, the included mobile app allows for further customization and management of your ride. In this review, we’ll explore six aspects of the QYTECddhbc Scooter Battery 10 Inches Electric App Scooter to help you determine if it’s the right fit for your needs.

Battery Life

The QYTECddhbc Scooter Battery has a large capacity, with the ability to go up to around 25 miles on a single charge (depending on the terrain). This makes it an excellent choice for commuter scooting. In addition, the battery is relatively easy to remove and recharge, and the scooter comes with a charger, so you can charge it at home or at work. All of this can add up to a significant amount of saved time, money, and hassle, considering that you won’t have to frequently seek out a charging station.

Speed and Handling

One of the attractions of electric scooters is that they can be quite fast, and the QYTECddhbc Scooter Battery is no exception. It can reach about 25mph, giving you a nice boost of speed for commuting or just enjoying the ride. But does it handle well enough to keep you stable and comfortable at this speed? Overall, the QYTECddhbc Scooter Battery balances speed and stability well, with good shock absorption and solid tires. The handling is smooth, and the brakes work well.

Design and Build Quality

The QYTECddhbc Scooter Battery is also well-designed, with a sleek, modern appearance that’s complemented by thoughtful engineering. The foldable design allows for easy transport and storage, and the scooter is built with sturdy materials that can hold up well even with daily use. In addition, the weight capacity of the scooter is impressive, able to handle up to 250lbs.

Mobile App and Connectivity

One of the standout features of the QYTECddhbc Scooter Battery is the included mobile app, which can add a layer of customization and convenience to your ride. With the app, you can monitor battery levels, change settings, and even track your route. This can be particularly useful for commuters who want to optimize their ride experience. Additionally, the app allows for locking and unlocking the scooter which adds an enhanced level of security.

Additional Features

The QYTECddhbc Scooter Battery also boasts a number of other features that make it extra convenient and appealing. For instance, the LED display on the handlebars gives you a quick readout of your speed and battery level. Additionally, the scooter has lights on the front and back, which can improve visibility and safety when riding at night. Finally, the scooter is waterproof, making it suitable for riding in the rain, which is great for those who don’t want to be caught out by the weather.


In conclusion, the QYTECddhbc Scooter Battery 10 Inches Electric App Scooter offers a solid package of features for those who want an efficient, fast, and convenient way to get around. From its long battery life, to its portability, to its mobile app connectivity, this scooter has a lot to offer. Were it not for the somewhat steep price point, it would almost certainly be worth recommending without hesitation. However, if you’re willing to invest in a quality daily scooting option, the QYTECddhbc Scooter Battery could be a great fit.


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