“Revolutionary Power: A Comprehensive Review of the EUY S4 25ah Electric Bike Battery”


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“Elevate Your Ride with EUY S4 Electric Bike Battery 25ah – Long-Lasting Power for a Seamless Adventure”

Looking for a top-of-the-line battery that’s perfect for your EUY S4 e-bike? Look no further than the EUY S4 Electric Mope Bike Battery! With its 48V 25Ah lithium composition, this powerhouse battery boasts an ample capacity and a seriously long lifespan. Don’t settle for a subpar battery when you can ride with confidence on the EUY S4 Electric Mope Bike Battery.

Product Stats

1. Battery capacity: 25Ah
2. Voltage: 48V
3. Discharge rate: 15A
4. Charging time: 4-6 hours
5. Weight: 4.5 kg
6. Dimensions: 315mm x 155mm x 160mm
7. Battery type: Lithium-ion
8. Cycle life: 800-1000 cycles
9. Compatible with: EUY S4 electric bike
10. Battery management system: Yes
11. Warranty: 12 months
12. Overcharge protection: Yes
13. Overdischarge protection: Yes
14. Short circuit protection: Yes.

“EUY S4 Electric Bike Battery Review: Power Up Your Ride with the 25ah Upgrade!”


The EUY S4 Electric Bike Battery 25ah is an innovative and efficient power source designed specifically for modern electric bikes. This battery operates on a 48V DC input and has a capacity of 25ah, providing a reliable and long-lasting power supply for electric bikes. With its lightweight and compact design, it is perfect for those who prefer an extensive ride without charging repeatedly. In this review, we will discuss the different aspects of this product, from design to performance, to help you understand how the EUY S4 Electric Bike Battery 25ah can help enhance your biking experience.


The EUY S4 Electric Bike Battery 25ah has an impressive design that is both durable and lightweight. The battery pack is composed of high-quality lithium-ion cells that ensure a steady and robust power output. The battery is encased in a hard, plastic shell, delivering shock and impact resistance while on rough terrains. Additionally, the battery’s detachable design makes it easy to remove and replace, so you can carry an extra to enjoy uninterrupted rides.

The battery comes with an advanced battery management system that offers efficient charging and additional safety features. It ensures the battery doesn’t get overcharged or drained too far, extending its life cycle.

Capacity and Power Output:

The EUY S4 Electric Bike Battery 25ah is built to provide long-lasting power to your electric bike. It has a capacity of 25ah, meaning it can store 1200W/h of energy, so you can ride for an extensive duration, depending on the electric bike’s voltage rating. With such a large capacity, this battery can power electric bikes that travel an estimated 60-100 kilometers on a single charge at a moderate speed, making it ideal for commuting or cycling to work. This battery can power even higher wattage motor bikes, giving it versatility.


The EUY S4 Electric Bike Battery 25ah has a charging output of 54.6 V and a charging input of 100-240 V AC. The battery’s built-in safety measures ensure that it never overcharges or discharges too much, supporting the battery’s long life cycle. The charging system is incredibly efficient, taking just about 5-6 hours to charge fully. The battery also comes with a charging adapter, making it simple to plug in at home or on the go.


The EUY S4 Electric Bike Battery 25ah is compatible with numerous electric bike brands and models, as it supports a voltage of 48V. The battery has a standard pin connector, making it simple to swap from one electric bike to another, eliminating the need for multiple battery packs. However, it is advisable to ensure compatibility before purchasing, to guarantee that it meets your bike’s voltage requirements.


The EUY S4 Electric Bike Battery 25ah is an excellent power source for modern electric bikes, ticking all the boxes of durability, reliability, safety measures, and efficient charging. The battery’s lightweight and compact design make it incredibly portable, and its advanced safety measures guarantee longevity. The charging system is incredibly efficient and takes only a couple of hours to charge completely. Additionally, the battery is compatible with a variety of electric bike brands, making it versatile. We would undoubtedly recommend this battery pack to anyone looking for a reliable and long-lasting power source for their electric bikes.


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