“Revolutionize Your Commute with the Foldable E-Scooter Adult”



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“Effortlessly Navigate Your Commute with our 650W Electric Scooter – 25 Miles, 19 MPH, 9-inch Tires, LCD Display, and Physical Lock!”

Introducing our amazing Commuter Scooters – the perfect mode of transportation for all your commuting needs! Not only do these scooters have a long range capacity that can take you on rides of up to 25 miles, but the built-in 10Ah 18650 powered lithium battery also boasts a 2A charger that reduces charging time by 25% compared to other scooters.

But that’s not all! Our Commuter Scooters also come equipped with a state-of-the-art upgrade lock system, featuring both an app lock and physical lock. With the built-in password physical lock, you can be assured that your scooter is safe and secure no matter where you leave it.

And let’s not forget about the amazing Atomi app, which allows you to customize your riding experience to perfection. With 3 speed modes, battery level, navigation map, ride log, distance, cruise control, lighting modes and more, the Atomi app makes your scooter ride even better!

To ensure your safety and comfort, our Commuter Scooters are made with lightweight but strong aircraft-grade aluminum bodies, LCD displays, hidden rear suspension, comfortable tubeless tires, and 14 different modes of ambient light. And the best part? The whole scooter only weighs 16 kg and is perfect for both boys and girls!

Upgrade your commuting game with our incredible Commuter Scooters today!

Product Stats

– Motor: 650W
– Max Speed: 19 MPH
– Range: 25 miles on a single charge
– Tires: 9-inch tubeless tires
– Suspension: Rear suspension
– Lights: Atmosphere lightbar for increased visibility
– Display: LCD display showing speed, battery life and mode
– Security: Built-in physical lock for added security
– Portability: Foldable design for easy transportation and storage
– Weight: 28 lbs
– Max Load: 220 lbs
– Battery: Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 36V 10Ah
– Charging time: 4-6 hours

“Review: Commuting Electric Scooter with 650W Motor, 25 Mile Range & 19 MPH Speed”


With the increase in popularity of electric scooters, the Commuting Electric Scooter with a 650W motor is an excellent choice for those who want a fast and reliable mode of transportation. This scooter boasts many features that make it stand out in its class, including a long-range of 25 miles, maximum speed of 19 mph, a sturdy build, and an attractive design. In this review, we’ll explore the different aspects of this e-scooter.

Design & Build

The Commuting Electric Scooter has a sleek design and is built with high-quality materials. The 9-inch tubeless tires provide excellent traction on both smooth and rough terrain, and the rear suspension system ensures a comfortable ride. The atmosphere lightbar adds to the scooter’s aesthetic appeal, especially when riding at night. Additionally, the scooter has a built-in physical lock, which provides an added layer of security.


With a 650W motor, the Commuting Electric Scooter delivers excellent performance. It can reach a maximum speed of 19 mph and has a range of up to 25 miles. The LCD display provides real-time information about the speed, battery level, and distance covered. The scooter also has three different speed modes, allowing riders to adjust their speed to suit their needs.

Safety Features

The Commuting Electric Scooter is built with safety in mind. The scooter has a built-in physical lock, which allows riders to secure the scooter when not in use. Additionally, the scooter has an LED headlight and taillight, making it visible even in low light conditions. The scooter also has a rear disc brake system, providing reliable stopping power.


The Commuting Electric Scooter is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. The scooter’s foldable design makes it easy to store and transport, and the LCD display provides real-time information about the scooter’s status. The scooter’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to switch between the different speed modes and turn on the atmosphere lightbar.


The Commuting Electric Scooter is priced at a mid-range level, which makes it an excellent value for the money. The scooter’s high-quality build, excellent performance, and safety features make it a worthwhile investment for those looking for a reliable mode of transportation.


The Commuting Electric Scooter with a 650W motor, 25-mile range, and a maximum speed of 19 mph is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and fast mode of transportation. The scooter’s design, build, performance, safety features, user-friendliness, and value for money make it a top contender in its class. With this e-scooter, you’ll enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride no matter where you go.


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