“SmooSat SA3 Prime Electric Scooter Review: Is it Worth the Hype?”



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“SmooSat SA3(Prime) Electric Scooter for Adults: 20/28 Miles Long Range, 350W Brushless Motor, App Control, and LED-Display”

Looking for an electric scooter that can keep up with your busy lifestyle? Meet the SmooSat SA3 Prime. Equipped with a powerful 350-watt brushless DC motor, this scooter boasts a maximum speed of 20 mph and an unparalleled range of up to 28 miles. And thanks to its solid 8.5/10″ tires, it can navigate through any terrain with ease.

But that’s not all. With a maximum load of 220 pounds and the ability to effortlessly carry a strong person up a 14° slope, this scooter is perfect for adults on the go. And with its car-grade premium 21700 Power Battery, it boasts a cycle life that’s 50% higher than a regular cell, meaning you can enjoy up to 7 years of service life – an investment you can count on.

Plus, with features like Type-C Reverse Charging, which allows you to charge your mobile phone or other electronic devices in emergencies, and Cruise Control, which allows you to activate intelligent riding mode to reduce tension and fatigue, it’s clear why so many are choosing the SmooSat SA3 Prime.

What’s more, the SmooSat app lets you monitor all relevant information and status of your scooter in real-time and even supports online OTA upgrades which can be done via your phone. And if you have any questions or concerns, SmooSat is committed to providing a hassle-free shopping experience, with friendly customer service support available at any time.

Ready to experience the SmooSat SA3 Prime for yourself? Start your journey towards a smarter, more efficient mode of transportation today.

Product Stats

1. 20/28 miles long range
2. 350W brushless motor
3. 8.5/10” solid tires
4. 15.6/20 MPH max speed
5. App control
6. Type-C reverse charging (Prime only)
7. LED-display.

“Review: SmooSat SA3 Prime – The Next Generation Electric Scooter for Adults”


The SmooSat SA3(Prime) Electric Scooter is a top-of-the-line product that has revolutionized the market for personal electric vehicles. It is designed for adults and offers a long-range of 20-28 miles with a powerful 350W brushless motor. It has solid tires of 8.5/10” and a maximum speed of 15.6/20 MPH. It also has an App control & Type-C reverse charging feature (Prime only) that allows you to use it as a portable power bank to charge your other electronic devices. The LED-display helps you to track the speed and battery status while the design of the scooter is sleek, ergonomic, and modern.

Battery Life and Mileage

The SmooSat SA3(Prime) Electric Scooter has a long-lasting battery life and an impressive mileage range. It can travel up to 20-28 miles on a single charge, which is ample distance for an electric scooter designed for adults. The battery is high-capacity and fast-charging, allowing you to charge it in a relatively short time. On a full charge, the SmooSat SA3(Prime) Electric Scooter can provide economical and efficient transport for your daily commute.

Motor Power and Speed

The SmooSat SA3(Prime) Electric Scooter has a powerful brushless motor with a rated output of 350W, making it suitable for adults who are looking for a reliable means of transportation. With a maximum speed of 15.6/20 MPH, the scooter can provide an enjoyable and safe ride. The acceleration and handling of the scooter are smooth and comfortable, making the ride more enjoyable.

Tire Quality and Durability

The SmooSat SA3(Prime) Electric Scooter has solid tires of 8.5/10”, which offer significant advantages over traditional air-filled tires. The solid tire design provides better grip and stability, reducing the chances of skids and falls. The tires are also puncture-proof, reducing the likelihood of deflation. The tires’ durability and robustness mean that they can handle rough surfaces, bumps, and potholes with ease, making them perfect for city streets or off-road terrain.

Controls and Display

The SmooSat SA3(Prime) Electric Scooter has an ergonomically designed handlebar control, which is user-friendly and easy to operate. The LED-display panel provides essential information about speed, battery level, and other necessary details. The control layout is intuitive and straightforward, making it easier to use for beginners and experienced riders alike.

Design and Portability

The SmooSat SA3(Prime) Electric Scooter has a sleek and stylish design, which is eye-catching and modern. The scooter’s ergonomic design provides the rider with a comfortable riding position, and the lightweight frame makes it easier to carry and transport when needed. The App control & Type-C reverse charging feature (Prime only) allows you to use it as a portable power bank to charge your electronic devices, making it a versatile and practical product.


In conclusion, the SmooSat SA3(Prime) Electric Scooter is a top-of-the-line product that offers users an efficient and reliable means of personal transport. Its robust construction, long battery life, and excellent mileage range make it perfect for daily commutes or leisurely rides. The powerful motor and solid tires make it suitable for off-road adventures, and the App control & Type-C reverse charging(Prime only) feature makes it more practical and versatile. The LED-display and ergonomic design provide an enjoyable and comfortable riding experience that is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders. Overall, the SmooSat SA3(Prime) Electric Scooter is an excellent product that is well worth considering for those looking for an electric scooter for adults.


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