The Ultimate Review of EVERCROSS Electric Scooter EV08S

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“Experience the Ultimate Commute with EVERCROSS Electric Scooter EV08S – The Folding E-Scooter for Adults with 8” Honeycomb Tires, 350W Motor, and 3 Speed Modes – Cover Up to 15 Miles at 15 MPH!”

Looking for a high-tech and innovative brand to meet your transportation and entertainment needs? Look no further than EVERCROSS! Our brand is committed to using innovative technology to lead the development of the industry and meet the diversified needs of our customers.

Experience the thrill and convenience of our electric scooters and all-terrain hoverboards, equipped with a Dual Braking System, Function LCD display, LED light, Taillights, and Cruise Control System. Our products are also built with stability and durability in mind, featuring 8” tyres and a shock absorption mechanism for the smoothest riding experience on any type of road.

And with our portable and folding design, you can take your EVERCROSS scooter with you wherever you go. It can be folded in just 3 seconds, making it ideal for storing in car trunks, beneath seats, and other compact spaces.

Safety is always our top priority, which is why our scooters come equipped with a rear brake and a cruise speed control system. Plus, there are electric horn and lights in the front and rear for added visibility during night riding. And with 3 speed modes, you can easily control the speed according to the different road surface conditions, making it suitable for adults and teenagers alike.

Choose EVERCROSS for your next transportation and entertainment needs and experience the thrill and convenience of our high-tech products.

Product Stats

– Model: EVERCROSS Electric Scooter EV08S
– Motor Power: 350W
– Maximum Speed: Up to 15 MPH
– Battery Capacity: 7.5Ah
– Maximum Range: 12-15 miles
– Tire Size: 8” Honeycomb Tires
– Maximum Load Capacity: 220 lbs
– Charging Time: 4-6 hours
– Weight: 24.2 lbs
– Braking System: Electronic Brake + Rear Foot Brake
– Lighting System: LED Headlight + Rear Brake Light
– Folding Mechanism: One Second Folding
– Speed Modes: 3 adjustable speed modes (Low, Medium, High)
– Dimensions (unfolded): 41.5 x 16.5 x 48.5 inches
– Dimensions (folded): 41.5 x 16.5 x 15.7 inches

“Unleashing the Power of EVERCROSS Electric Scooter EV08S: A Folding E-Scooter for Adults with 8” Honeycomb Tires, 350W Motor & 15MPH Top Speed!”


The EVERCROSS Electric Scooter EV08S is a folding electric scooter designed specifically for adults. Packed with fantastic features, it is suitable for short distance commuting and recreational use. This e-scooter is the perfect option for city dwellers looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to move around. It has 8-inch honeycomb solid tires, a powerful 350W motor and a weight capacity of up to 220lbs. Additionally, it can reach speeds of up to 15mph and travel 12-15 miles on a single charge.

Design and Features

The EVERCROSS Electric Scooter EV08S features an all-black minimalist design. Unlike traditional scooters, it comes with a lightweight aluminium frame that enables it to fold quickly and easily, making it super easy to transport or store in tight spaces. The 350W motor enables it to climb inclines of up to 15 degrees, and the 8-inch honeycomb solid tires are puncture-proof, which means that you will not have to worry about getting a flat tire. The scooter has three-speed modes that allow riders to easily switch between them for a customized riding experience.

Performance and Ride

The EV08S has an impressive top speed of 15mph and a range of 12-15 miles on a single charge. While it doesn’t have the longest range compared to other e-scooters on the market, it is more than enough for daily commutes or short-distance rides. The scooter’s three-speed modes enable riders to adjust the ride’s feel based on their preferences, making for a comfortable and pleasant riding experience. The EV08S handles uneven terrain quite well and moves smoothly and easily on flat surfaces.


Safety is of utmost importance to EVERCROSS, and the EV08S is no exception. It comes with a brake light and rear reflector, making riders easily noticeable to motorists at night. Additionally, the handlebars are non-slip, and the e-scooter has an emergency brake system that works by applying pressure to the rear fender, which cuts off motor power.

Battery and Charging

The EVERCROSS Electric Scooter EV08S has a powerful 36V/6Ah lithium-ion battery that takes approximately six hours to charge fully. The battery is durable, and evercross give a warranty for one year or up to 30,000km. Its battery life is impressive, making it a suitable e-scooter for daily commuting needs.

Pros and Cons

– Foldable and lightweight, easy to transport or store with minimum space requirement
– 350W motor powerful enough to climb hills or cover short distances
– Honeycomb solid tire, reducing the risk of punctures
– Three-speed modes to customize the riding experience
– Excellent braking system and visibility measures for added safety
– Impressive warranty from EVERCROSS

– Relatively short range compared to other e-scooters on the market
– Not suitable for long-distance travels or heavy riders
– Does not come with a headlight, which can be inconvenient at night


Overall, the EVERCROSS Electric Scooter EV08S is a practical, reliable, and affordable option for adults looking for a convenient, eco-friendly, and hassle-free way to move around urban areas. It is foldable, lightweight, has an impressive top speed and range, and comes with a warranty, making it a good investment for anyone looking for a short-distance commuting-optimized electric scooter. With proper care and maintenance, this e-scooter can provide years of safe and enjoyable riding experience.


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