“Unleashing the Power of 48V Electric Bike: A Review of the Fat Motor”


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“Electric Bike for Adults 48V 1500W 5 Speed 26in Fat Motor – Ultimate Riding Experience with LED Smart Meter and Long-Lasting Lithium Battery”

Ride in style and comfort with our incredible e-bikes! Our electric bikes are designed to take you far and make your trips an enjoyable experience. Introducing the Fat Tire Snow Electric Bike – available in white, army green, black, and dark green. Made with aluminum alloy, this e-bike is durable and meant to last.

With a voltage of 48V and two options for battery capacity (10Ah/15Ah), our bikes are built to be powerful and reliable. The high power motor integrates power, transmission, and braking devices, with a MAX-speed of 30-40km/h and a gradeability of 30 in common road conditions. The battery full charge only takes 5-8 hours, so you’ll be ready to go in no time!

Equipped with 26 x 4.0 inch fat tires, our e-bikes provide excellent friction on any road surface, making every ride more stable and enjoyable. The bike is recommended for drivers between 165cm-201cm and can support up to 180kg in weight.

Our e-bikes come with three working modes to choose from – a five-speed assist mode, a fully electric mode, and a manual mode – giving you the flexibility and freedom to ride as you wish.

Designed with safety in mind, our bikes come with a durable aluminum alloy frame, spring fork (low gear without damping), and hydraulic double disc brakes. The 30-speed shift system can give you a comfortable and safe ride, so you can focus on enjoying the scenery.

Whether you’re riding in the city or out in nature, our Fat Tire Snow Electric Bike is perfect for any scene. Join the growing community of teens, adults, men, and women who have already made the switch to e-bikes. Order yours today and start enjoying the ride of your life!

Product Stats

– Motor power: 1500W
– Battery voltage: 48V
– Battery type: Lithium-ion
– Maximum load: 260KG
– Top speed: 55 km/h
– Wheel size: 26 inches
– Tire size: 4 inches
– Number of gears: 7 (manual)
– Maximum cruising range: 40-100KM
– LED smart meter
– Brake type: Hydraulic disc brake system
– Suspension: Front suspension fork
– Frame material: Aluminum alloy
– Charging time: 6-8 hours
– Weight: 34KG (excluding battery)
– Waterproof rating: IPX5

“Unleash Your Inner Adventurer with the Electric Bike for Adults – 48V 1500W Fat Motor with 7 Speed Manual Gears!”


Electric bikes have been on the rise in recent years and are gaining popularity as an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and convenient mode of transportation. The Electric Bike for Adults 48V 1500W 5 Speed 26in Fat Motor 7 Speed Manual Gears LED Smart Meter is an excellent option for adults who are looking for an electric bike that can handle long rides and tough terrains. In this review, we will discuss the different aspects of the bike in detail and help you make an informed decision.

Design and Build Quality

One of the first things that stand out about the Electric Bike for Adults is its unique, sturdy design. The oversized 26-inch wheels provide excellent stability and traction on rough terrain, while the fat motor ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. The bike is made of high-quality materials that make it durable and long-lasting, and the adjustable seat and handlebars make it easy to customize the bike to your comfort level.

Performance and Speed

The bike is powered by a 48V 1500W motor that provides enough power to easily climb hills and tackle tough terrain. The 5-speed system allows you to adjust the speed according to your preference, while the 7-speed manual gears offer an additional level of control. The LED smart meter displays important information such as speed, distance, and battery life, making it easier to keep track of your ride. The electric bike can reach speeds of up to 30mph and has a cruising range of 40-100km, making it a great option for long-distance commuting.

Battery Life and Charging

The bike comes with a lithium-ion battery that can provide a range of up to 100km on a single charge, which is impressive compared to other electric bikes in this price range. The battery is easy to remove and can be charged in just a few hours using the included charger. The battery’s lifespan is also impressive, as it can last up to three years with proper care and maintenance.

Comfort and Convenience

The bike offers a comfortable and stable riding experience, thanks to the adjustable seat and handlebars. The fat motor and oversized wheels absorb shocks and vibrations, making the ride smoother and more comfortable. The bike is also equipped with a front and rear light, bell, and a kickstand, making it a convenient option for everyday commuting.

Price and Quality

The Electric Bike for Adults is reasonably priced, considering its impressive features and built quality. It is a high-quality bike that can withstand daily wear and tear and provide a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. The bike’s 260 kg load capacity is another impressive feature, making it ideal for riders of all sizes and weights.


Overall, the Electric Bike for Adults 48V 1500W 5 Speed 26in Fat Motor 7 Speed Manual Gears LED Smart Meter is an excellent option for anyone looking for an affordable, high-quality electric bike. Its sturdy design, impressive performance, and long battery life make it a great option for long-distance commuting and leisurely rides. The bike is built to last and provides a comfortable and convenient riding experience, making it one of the best electric bikes in its price range.


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