“Unleashing the Power of KETELES 1000W Electric Bike: A Comprehensive Review”


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Price: $999.00
(as of May 13,2023 05:04:00 UTC – Details)

“Experience High-Speed Adventures with KETELES 1000W Electric Bike: A Powerful, All-Terrain Fat Tire Ebike for Adults”

Are you ready for your next outdoor adventure? Look no further than KETELES electric bikes! Our selection of high-quality, high-power, and high-speed products will provide you with the ultimate riding experience.

Take our Fat Tire Electric Bike, for example. With its reliable safety system, including front and rear hydraulic brakes and larger disc rotors, you can feel confident and in control at any speed. And don’t let rough terrain hold you back – our 26×4.0 inch fat tires are suitable for all terrains and roads, from snow-covered countryside to rocky beaches. Plus, with a long range of over 37 miles thanks to our high-capacity 48V 17.5Ah removable battery, you can enjoy your journey without any worries.

But that’s not all – our bikes come equipped with four riding modes, including pure electric mode, pedal assist mode, classic bike mode, and cruise control mode. And, with a smart display and USB charging port for your phone, you can stay connected every step of the way.

Our bikes are 85% pre-installed, so you can be out on the road in no time. And with our professional warranty services, you can trust that we’ll be there for you every step of the way. Don’t wait – experience the freedom and excitement of KETELES electric bikes today. And with our fast transportation from our overseas warehouse in California, you can be riding in just 5-7 days!

Product Stats

– Product Name: KETELES Electric Bike for Man
– Power Output: 1000W
– Battery Capacity: 17.5AH
– Motor Type: Powerful
– Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc Brake
– Bike Type: Electric Beach Snow Bicycle, Electric City Bike
– Tire Size: 26″ Fat Tire
– Maximum Speed: Up to 27MPH
– Terrain Type: All Terrain
– User Type: Adults

“Experience the Ultimate Power and Comfort with KETELES 1000W Electric Bike – A Game-Changer in All Terrain Riding!”


KETELES has introduced its 1000W Electric Bike for Man, a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, power, and style. The bike comes loaded with an array of features that make it a perfect fit for adventure lovers, commuters, or anyone who wants to explore the great outdoors at their own pace. The bike boasts a powerful motor, an impressive 17.5AH battery, and 26″ fat tires, making it an excellent option for all terrains. The Hydraulic Disc Brake adds an extra layer of safety and convenience. Here, we will provide an in-depth review of the bike by scrutinizing various aspects of this product.


One of the most remarkable aspects of this e-bike is its powerful 1000W motor that delivers an impressive speed of up to 27 miles per hour. You can cover long distances at a comfortable pace, which makes it perfect for extensive outdoor adventures like beach riding. The motor is highly responsive, and this eliminates any lag time, especially when accelerating from a stop.

The bike operates in three modes: pure electric, pedal-assist, and manual riding. When you want to take a break and conserve battery power, you can switch to pedal-assist mode. This mode works by activating the motor whenever you pedal. The manual mode allows you to ride the bike just like any other standard bike. Overall, the motor is exceptionally robust, and it works flawlessly in all modes.


The 17.5AH battery is a significant feature, making the electric bike an ideal choice for long-distance commutes. The battery has a range of up to 40 miles per charge, which is impressive. You can easily cover long distances without worrying about recharging the battery. The battery is easily removable, and you can have a spare battery to double the range without any fuss.

The battery takes between 4 and 6 hours to fully recharge, and the bike comes with a charger that plugs into a standard power outlet. You should note that the battery’s range depends on various factors, such as terrain, rider weight, and speed.


The KETELES Electric Bike for Man boasts a sleek and stylish design with a sturdy and durable frame made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The bike has a beautiful matte black finish that’s aesthetically pleasing, and it comes with an adjustable seat for comfortable riding.

The Hydraulic Disc Brake adds an extra layer of safety and convenience. The brake is highly responsive and efficient, ensuring that you have perfect control of your bike. The bike also comes with an LCD that displays useful information such as speed, battery life, and distance traveled.


Comfort is an essential aspect of any bike, and the KETELES Electric Bike for Man ensures that you ride comfortably at all times. The bike’s adjustable seat allows you to customize your riding position to fit your height and size. The 26″ fat tires provide excellent shock absorption, especially when riding on rough and bumpy terrains. The bike has an excellent suspension system that significantly reduces impacts and vibrations, making your ride smooth and comfortable.

All-Terrain Capability

The KETELES Electric Bike for Man has 26″ fat tires that make it highly versatile for riding on all terrains, especially snow and sand. The bike’s design allows it to easily navigate tough and steep terrains without straining the rider. The powerful motor and excellent suspension system also make it easy to overcome obstacles and ride up steep hills effortlessly.


The KETELES Electric Bike for Man’s price is competitive compared to other e-bikes in the market. The bike’s features, including the powerful motor, 17.5AH battery, and 26″ fat tires, make it an excellent value for money.


The KETELES 1000W Electric Bike for Man is a fantastic choice for people who love adventure and want a bike that can handle all terrains. The bike’s powerful motor, excellent suspension system, and robust frame make it a perfect fit for riding in different terrains. The 17.5AH battery provides an extended range, ensuring that you ride for longer on a single charge. The bike’s sleek design, adjustable seat, and Hydraulic Disc Brake add an extra layer of comfort and convenience. Overall, the bike is an excellent value for money, and you won’t regret investing in this product.


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