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MAXFIND Belt Motors Electric Skateboard for Adults: 25 Miles Range, 28 Mph Top Speed, Fast-swap Battery, and 38 Inches in Length

Get ready for an ultimate skateboarding experience with Maxfind! Our electric skateboard is equipped with powerful hub motors and top ESC, allowing you to cruise up to 28 miles/45 km with ease. With a quick charge time of just 3 hours at 42V, you can spend more time cruising and less time charging. Plus, our skateboard is designed for lightning-fast acceleration and nimble handling, thanks to the dual 1000W motors. Built to last, Maxfind skateboard boasts a sturdy iron rail bridge and cutting-edge Hobbywing-9005 Foc Esc.

Our e-skateboard features an innovative design that makes it perfect for riders of all levels. With a quick-swap battery system, you can easily change out the battery to keep riding all day long. The board is crafted from ultra-flexible composite materials, providing a smooth, comfortable ride, while the 105mm Shock-Absorbing Wheels offer exceptional traction and stability on any terrain. Plus, it features a user-friendly handle for easy transport.

We are committed to preserving the environment and that’s why we use composite materials. For every 20 composite longboards produced, a 10-year-old maple tree will be prevented from being cut down. And unlike wooden skateboards, our composite skateboard is corrosion-resistant and lasts for years.

At Maxfind, we offer an industry-leading 240-day warranty, fast shipping to anywhere in the US, and excellent customer support. Our electric skateboard is perfect for commuters, students, and adventure enthusiasts of all levels. So why wait? Experience the thrill of electric skateboarding with Maxfind today!

Product Stats

Deck Length

1. Range: 25 miles
2. Top Speed: 28 mph
3. Deck Length: 38 inches
4. Fast-swap Battery: Yes
5. Motor Type: Belt Motors
6. Suitable for: Adults
7. Max Weight Capacity: Not specified.

“MAXFIND Belt Motors Electric Skateboard Review: 25 Mile Range, 28 MPH Top Speed, Quick-swap Battery!”


If you’re looking for an electric skateboard that can cater to your daily commuting needs, then the MAXFIND Belt Motors Electric Skateboard is worth considering. These electric skateboards are designed for adults with an impressive range of 25 miles and top speed of up to 28 mph. The fast-swap battery makes charging more convenient, while the 38-inch deck size ensures stability and comfort on the road.

Design and Build

The MAXFIND Belt Motors Electric Skateboard has a sleek and modern design that’s stylish and functional. The 38-inch deck size is made from high-quality materials like Canadian maple that’s tough enough to withstand daily commuting. The electric skateboard features two motors with a power rating of 1100W, which helps in achieving high speeds without compromising on control. The skateboard’s PU wheels and belt drive system ensure a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Battery and Charging

The MAXFIND Electric Skateboard comes with fast-swap batteries that make charging more convenient. With a range of 25 miles, the battery can last well over a day, depending on usage. Charging the battery takes around 3 to 4 hours, allowing riders to get back on the road quickly.

Performance and Comfort

The MAXFIND Belt Motors Electric Skateboard delivers an exceptional performance, and with a top speed of 28 mph, the skateboard is perfect for daily commuting. At the same time, the 38-inch deck size ensures stability and comfort on rugged roads. The skateboard’s responsive braking system provides riders with the much needed safety and control.

Remote Control

The MAXFIND Belt Motors Electric Skateboard comes with a compact and ergonomic remote control that allows for easy acceleration and braking. The remote control features an LCD screen that displays the skateboard’s battery level and speed, making it easier for riders to keep track of their performance.

Price and Warranty

The MAXFIND Belt Motors Electric Skateboard is competitively priced, making it an affordable option for many riders. The skateboard comes with a 6-month warranty that covers any manufacturing defects, ensuring that riders can enjoy their skateboard for an extended period without any worries.


Overall, the MAXFIND Belt Motors Electric Skateboard is an excellent option for adults who want to experience the thrill of electric skateboarding. The skateboard’s top speed of 28 mph, long-range of 25 miles, fast-swap battery, and responsive braking system are all factors that make it stand out from other electric skateboards in the market. Its sleek design, sturdy build, and comfortable deck size are indeed worth your investment.


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