“Unleashing the Power of RiToEasysports’ 500W Electric Bike Hub Motor Kit – Our Honest Review”


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“Upgrade Your Bicycle with RiToEasysports 26in 500W Electric Bike Hub Motor Kit – Front Drive Gear Motor with LCD S866 Display Panel for Enhanced Performance”

Rev up your bike game with this electric bicycle motor kit! Made of durable stainless steel, aluminum alloy, ABS plastic, and metal, this kit is carefully designed to ensure a noiseless operation and a strong bearing capacity – thanks to the hub’s aluminum alloy and the controller’s metal enclosure with excellent heat dissipation.

With a maximum cycling speed of 35KM/H, this kit is perfect for regular bikes and mountain bikes for commuting and short trips. It’s easy to assemble, and you can either do it yourself or seek the help of a professional bike shop.

This electric bike wheel kit includes a 48V 500W electric wheel, controller, S866 display panel, pair of brake handles, 8C power sensor wiring, 8C power assist sensor booster plate, throttle dial, and more. It’s suitable for electric bicycles and is easy to maintain and highly efficient, greatly improving the fun of riding.

This motor kit is your ultimate challenge to cycling enthusiasts who like to push the limits. It fits any 26 inch bike rack and is compatible with universal disc brakes and V brakes, giving you the freedom to choose the brake to use with the wheel. Perfect for bicycle assembly and modification, this kit will take your bike game to the next level!

Product Stats

– Wheel size: 26 inches
– Motor power: 500 watts
– Voltage: 48V
– Display type: LCD S866
– Max speed: 28 mph
– Range: Up to 35 miles on a single charge
– Charge time: 4-6 hours
– Brake type: Disc brake
– Drive type: Front-wheel drive
– Dimensions (motor): 7.1 x 4.7 x 3.5 inches
– Weight (motor): 8.8 pounds
– Compatibility: Fits most standard 26-inch bicycles
– Package includes: Motor, LCD display panel, front wheel rim with spokes and tire, disc brake, throttle, controller, and all necessary wiring and hardware.

“Upgrade your ride with RiToEasysports 26in 500W Electric Bike Hub Motor Kit Review”


RiToEasysports 26in 500W Electric Bike Hub Motor Kit with LCD S866 Display Panel is an excellent innovation for those who love cycling and would like an electric bike for added convenience. This kit sports a 48V front drive gear motor suitable for bicycles with a 26-inch wheel, making it an ideal upgrade for those who want to transform their standard bike into an electric one. RiToEasysports is a brand known for producing high-quality bike kits that provide excellent performance and value for money.

Power and Efficiency

The 500W motor in this kit is powerful enough to provide a boost to your pedaling power and make riding effortless, whether you’re tackling hills or battling against headwinds. The front drive system also provides better traction and control, making it suitable for off-road and mountain biking. Additionally, the motor’s efficiency ensures that the bike’s battery life is extended, giving you more time on the road before requiring a recharge. With this kit in place, you can travel longer distances with less effort and enjoy a smoother ride.


Installing this kit is straightforward and requires basic bike maintenance skills. The instructions are easy to follow, and the kit comes with clear diagrams and all the necessary hardware, including brake levers, throttle, and pedal assist sensors. However, if you lack basic bike maintenance skills, it’s advisable to have a professional mechanic install it for you.


Before purchasing this kit, it’s essential to ensure that it’s compatible with your bike frame and wheel size. This kit is specifically designed for 26-inch wheels, and it may not fit bikes with larger or smaller wheels. Additionally, compatibility could be an issue if your bike has non-standard frame dimensions. Therefore, it’s essential to clarify your bike’s specifics to ensure that you get the right kit that fits seamlessly.

Display Panel

The LCD S866 Display Panel is a remarkable feature of this kit. It offers riders comprehensive information, including distance traveled, speed, battery life, and motor assistance levels. With all this data, you can customize your ride according to your needs, and easily keep track of your bike’s performance. The Display Panel is designed to be user-friendly and easy to read, ensuring that you have accurate and reliable information every time you ride.


In conclusion, the RiToEasysports 26in 500W Electric Bike Hub Motor Kit with LCD S866 Display Panel is a well-designed kit that can transform your standard bike into a powerful and efficient electric bike. This kit is power-efficient, easy to install, and comes with a comprehensive Display Panel that gives you all the information you need to customize your riding experience. The only caveat is, make sure that your bike is compatible with the kit before making any purchases. Overall, this kit is an excellent value for money, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their bike.


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