“Unveiling the Top-notch VELOWAVE Electric Bike: A Comprehensive Review”


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VELOWAVE 750W Electric Bike for Adults with 48V 20AH Battery and Fat Tires – A Torque Sensor Ebike Perfect for Urban Commutes!

Experience the ultimate in electric bike technology with the VELOWAVE Electric Bike for Adults. Featuring a powerful 750W Bafang Motor and a 48V 20AH LG Cells Battery, this e-bike is guaranteed to take you on epic adventures with ease. But that’s not all, the bike also comes equipped with an upgraded torque sensor that reads the force put into the pedals, providing a much more intuitive and enjoyable riding experience.

The battery, which boasts a max range of up to 65+ miles, is also an automobile-level lithium-ion battery that’s built to last. Not only that, the hidden detachable design ensures the battery life is extended, making it easy to disassemble for charging, transportation, travel, and carry.

Riding on all terrain will be a breeze with the 26″x 4.0 fat tire step-thru electric bicycle with Shimano 8-Speed. The Kenda 26″x 4″-wide fat tires and ultra-wide rims, along with the anti-skid tread pattern design, provide traction and stability on the most forbidding terrains, including sand, rocky beach, puddles, and jungle.

Featuring hydraulic suspension forks, this electric bike guarantees a safer, smoother cycling experience. The sturdy step-thru frame design also ensures you can get on and off the bike easily while maintaining a healthy and comfortable riding posture.

With 85% pre-assembly, installation has never been easier, and the bike comes with a 1-year warranty on electrical components such as batteries, chargers, motors, controllers, monitors, and lifetime technical support. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to experience the ultimate in e-bike technology with VELOWAVE!

Product Stats

1. Motor: 750W Bafang motor.
2. Battery: 48V 20AH LG cells battery.
3. Torque Sensor: Yes, equipped with torque sensor.
4. Tire size: 26″ x 4.0″ fat tire.
5. Frame: Step-thru electric bicycle frame.
6. Gears: Shimano 8-speed.
7. Pedal Assist: Yes, with pedal assist.
8. Maximum speed: 28 mph.
9. Range: 40-60 miles (depending on rider weight, terrain, and riding style).
10. Brakes: Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.
11. Suspension: Front suspension fork.
12. Display: LCD display with speedometer, odometer, battery level, and pedal assist level.
13. Charging Time: 6-8 hours.
14. Weight: 70-80 lbs.
15. Max rider weight: 265 lbs.

“Unleash the Power of VELOWAVE Electric Bike: A Review of the 750W Bafang Motor, 48V 20AH LG Cells Battery, and Torque Sensor Ebike!”


The VELOWAVE electric bike for adults is an outstanding piece of innovation that comes with the latest features that you can find in an electric bike. This bike is manufactured for adventure enthusiasts who would love to explore nature with minimal effort and without the use of fuel. It’s an eco-friendly bike that is designed to make cycling an enjoyable experience. It features a 750W Bafang motor, a 48V 20AH LG Cells battery, torque sensor, 26″ x 4.0 fat tire Step-Thru Electric Bicycle, Shimano 8-speed, and other features that make it a top-choice electric bike on the market. In this review, we will go over the different parts that make this bike a great investment.

Design and Build Quality

The VELOWAVE electric bike for adults is designed with an eye-catching frame, and it is built with high-quality materials that make it sturdy and durable. The exterior is made of aluminum alloy, which is both corrosion-resistant and lightweight. The handlebars are adjustable, allowing users to customize the height to fit their comfort needs. The Step-Thru design makes it easier to mount and dismount the bike, which is great for those who may not have the same mobility they once had. The 26″ x 4.0 fat tire provides better traction on off-road surfaces, guaranteeing an effortless, prompt ride.

Battery and Motor Performance

The VELOWAVE electric bike comes fitted with a 750W Bafang motor that provides seamless and reliable power to the wheels. The 48V 20AH LG Cells battery, with a range of 30-45 miles per charge, is one of the most significant selling points of this electric bike. Additionally, the battery is removable, making it easier to recharge and ideal for those who live in apartments or small living spaces.

The bike comes with an LCD that displays relevant information about the battery status, speed, and distance covered. One of the best things about the VELOWAVE electric bike is that it also features pedal-assist with three different settings, so riders don’t have to rely solely on the motor for assistance.

Brakes and Gears

The VELOWAVE electric bike comes with Shimano 8-speed gears that allow you to ride on different terrain effortlessly. This feature is particularly helpful when you’re going uphill or downhill. Additionally, the bike has hydraulic disc brakes, which is a significant upgrade from the traditional mechanical brakes on bicycles. The hydraulic brakes deliver quick stopping power, making the bike safer to ride.

Comfort and Convenience

The VELOWAVE electric bike is designed with the user’s comfort in mind. The bike comes with an adjustable suspension fork that reduces the impact of bumps and shocks when going over rough terrain. This feature guarantees a smoother ride. Additionally, the saddle is comfortable and ergonomic with cushioned support. The bike also comes with LED lights that ensure visibility in low light conditions.

Assembly and Maintenance

The VELOWAVE electric bike comes pre-assembled, which means users only have to attach the pedals, handlebars and align the brakes. The bike comes with a user manual detailing all the steps required to complete the assembly process. The bike requires minimal maintenance, mainly concerning the battery and chain lubrication. It is recommended to use the assistance of a professional to fix any mechanical issues that arise.


In conclusion, the VELOWAVE electric bike for adults is an excellent investment for anyone looking to explore the great outdoors without getting exhausted from cycling. With its 750W Bafang motor, 48V 20AH LG Cells battery, hydraulic disc brakes, and Shimano 8-speed gears, this bike is designed to make cycling easier, quicker, and more fun. The battery and motor are powerful enough to last long distances, giving you peace of mind that you can explore uninterrupted. The exceptional design, build quality, and comfort make the VELOWAVE electric bike one of the best electric bikes on the market, suitable for any rider needing an adrenaline rush.


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