“Vivi Electric Bike Review: A Powerful and Stylish E-Bike for Adults”


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“Explore the City in Style with Vivi Electric Bike’s 26″ Electric Cruiser Bike – A Powerful 500W Ebike with Removable 48V Battery and Shimano 7 Speeds for Effortless Commuting at 20MPH!”

Introducing the VIVI Electric City Bike – your ticket to going farther, faster, and exploring more places than ever before. With a sleek design, this bike is both low-carbon and practical, making it an essential travel companion for the future.

The VIVI electric bike is a self-developed, complete R&D, manufacturing, and sales system, with models that have received rave reviews from happy customers. Made from premium quality materials like sturdy carbon steel frames and double-layer aluminum alloy wheels, it’s built to last and ride smooth even on tough terrains.

With a removable 48V 374.4Wh battery that can achieve 22-25 miles in full electric mode and 44-50 miles in pedal assist mode (PAS mode), your daily commute just got faster and more cost-efficient. Plus, with two charging options, you can charge on the bike or remove the battery to charge at home or the office.

Safety is always a top priority, and this bike delivers with front and rear disc brakes, protecting you in all weather conditions. The professional SHIMANO 7-speed transmission system lets you choose any speed according to your needs, ensuring a safe and smooth journey.

Enjoy the ultimate riding experience with 3 working modes – electric bike, assisted bike, and normal bike. You can easily switch between modes thanks to the LED smart meter button, making it easy to enjoy a long time travel while also exercising.

Worried about assembly and maintenance? Don’t be! The VIVI Electric City Bike arrives 90% assembled, making it easy to put together by yourself. And with one-year warranty for the electric motor, battery, and charger, you can rest assured you’re making a smart investment. If you have any issues, just contact us, and we’ll respond and solve the problem within 24 hours. Upgrade your ride today with the VIVI electric bike – adventure awaits!

Product Stats

1. Model: Vivi Electric Bike
2. Frame size: 26 inches
3. Motor power: 500W
4. Top speed: 20MPH
5. Battery type: 48V removable Lithium-Ion battery
6. Charging time: 4-6 hours
7. Range per charge: 35-45 miles
8. Pedal-assist levels: 3 levels
9. Gear system: Shimano 7-speed
10. Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes
11. Display: LCD display showing speed, distance, battery level, and pedal assist level
12. Suspension: Front suspension fork for a smoother ride
13. Weight capacity: 250 lbs
14. Bike weight: 56 lbs
15. Recommended rider height: 5’4″ – 6’2″
16. Recommended rider age: 18+
17. Warranty: 1 year frame and components warranty

“Review: Vivi Electric Bike 26″ Cruiser – The Ultimate 20MPH Ebike for City Commuting”


Electric bikes have become a popular mode of transportation for urban dwellers. They’re easy to ride, environmentally friendly, and an excellent way to commute in style without breaking a sweat or polluting the air. The Vivi Electric Bike is one such bike that has been gaining lots of attention in recent times. This 26″ Electric Cruiser Bike is designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable ride that’s perfect for city commuting. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Vivi Electric Bike and see how it stacks up in terms of performance, features, and overall design.

Design and Features

The Vivi Electric Bike has a classic cruiser design that’s reminiscent of vintage bikes from the 1950s. It features a sturdy aluminum frame that’s strong yet lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and transport. The bike is equipped with a 500W brushless motor that can reach speeds of up to 20MPH. The motor is powered by a 48V removable lithium-ion battery that can go up to 50 miles on a single charge. The bike also comes with a Shimano 7-speed gearbox, allowing riders to easily shift gears and adjust to different terrains, making it a breeze to ride uphill or downhill.


The Vivi Electric Bike is a joy to ride. The bike’s 500W motor provides plenty of power that makes acceleration and cruising effortless. The bike’s brakes are responsive and can bring the bike to a stop in an instant. The bike’s Shimano 7-speed gearbox also provides a smooth and reliable shifting experience that ensures the bike stays stable and comfortable, even when riding on uneven or bumpy roads. The bike’s suspension system also helps absorb shocks and vibrations, making the ride more comfortable.

Battery life

The Vivi Electric Bike has an impressive battery life, allowing riders to go up to 50 miles on a single charge. The battery is also removable, which means it’s easy to take it out of the bike and charge it separately. The battery takes about 4 to 6 hours to fully charge, which is relatively fast compared to other electric bikes in the market. The battery comes with a lock that ensures it stays in place and remains secure even when riding on rough terrain.


The Vivi Electric Bike is designed with rider comfort in mind. It has a wide, padded saddle that’s comfortable to ride on even for long distances. The bike’s adjustable handlebars and stem allow riders to customize the bike to fit their preferred riding position. The bike’s suspension system also helps absorb shocks and vibrations, making the ride more comfortable even when riding over uneven terrain.


The Vivi Electric Bike is priced competitively compared to other electric bikes in the market. Its features make this bike worth its price tag. The bike offers exceptional value for money, considering its performance, comfort, and design.


The Vivi Electric Bike is an excellent choice for those looking for a stylish and comfortable electric bike that’s perfect for city commuting. It’s packed with features that make it a joy to ride. Its classic cruiser design, comfortable saddle, and adjustable handlebars provide a comfortable and customizable riding experience. Its Shimano 7-speed gearbox, powerful 500W motor, and removable battery make it a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. The Vivi Electric Bike is an excellent investment for anyone looking to own an electric bike that provides value for money and an enjoyable riding experience.


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