X1 and X3 Electric Scooters Reviews: Are They Worth the Hype?



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“Upgrade Your Commute with X1 1000W and X3 2400W Electric Scooters for Adults – Up to 50 MPH & 65 Miles Range!”

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One of our most popular items is our Safety Electric Scooter for Adults, complete with a high-powered lighting system to ensure visibility while driving at night. The foldable design makes it easy to store and transport, while the HD LCD display provides important information like speed and mileage.

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Product Stats

– Product: Electric Scooter for Adults (X1/X3)
– Motor power: 1000W (X1) / 2400W (X3)
– Battery voltage: 48V
– Battery capacity: 13A (X1) / 21A (X3)
– Max speed: Up to 28 MPH (X1) / 50 MPH (X3)
– Max range: Up to 30 miles (X1) / 65 miles (X3)
– Foldable design: Yes
– Commuter friendly: Yes
– Weight capacity: 220 lbs
– Tire size: 10 inches

“Unlock the Power of the X1 & X3 Electric Scooters for Adults: Speed, Range, and Foldability in One!”


If you’re looking for a reliable and high-performance electric scooter for adults, you might be interested in the X1 1000W 48V 13A or the X3 2400W 48V 21A motor electric scooter for adults. These scooters are designed to provide commuters with an alternative mode of transportation that’s both eco-friendly and practical. With excellent battery life, impressive speeds, and great stability, these scooters are suitable for daily commutes, errands, or leisurely rides. In this review, we’ll explore the main features of these two electric scooters and offer our honest opinion on their performance.

Motor and Battery

The X1 and X3 electric scooters come equipped with powerful motors and long-lasting batteries. Depending on your needs, you can choose a 1000W or 2400W motor, both of which provide a smooth ride and excellent acceleration. The X1 has a 48V 13A battery, which provides a range of up to 30 miles. The X3, on the other hand, has a 48V 21A battery, which can give you a range of up to 65 miles. Both models have a maximum speed of 28mph and 50mph, respectively. The battery life is impressive, and the charging time is relatively short. A full charge takes around 6-8 hours, depending on the model.

Design and Build Quality

The X1 and X3 electric scooters are both foldable, which makes them easy to store and transport. They have sturdy frames made of aluminum alloy, which gives them excellent durability and stability. The handlebars are adjustable, and the scooters come with a comfortable seat that’s also adjustable. The tires are solid, which means you don’t have to worry about punctures or flats. The X3 has dual shock absorbers and hydraulic disc brakes, providing you with a smooth and safe ride.

Comfort and Ride Quality

Both the X1 and X3 electric scooters are designed for comfort and convenience. The seats are well padded, and the handlebars are ergonomically designed, giving you a natural and comfortable grip. The scooters have a large deck, which provides enough space for your feet and also contributes to the stability of the ride. The solid tires offer excellent traction, and the scooters have impressive shock absorption. You can expect a smooth and enjoyable ride, even on bumpy terrain.

Safety Features

Safety is a top priority when it comes to electric scooters, and the X1 and X3 models have some advanced safety features. Both models have bright LED lights, including a front headlight, rear brake light, and turn signals. These lights make you visible to other road users, even in low light conditions. The X3 has dual hydraulic disc brakes that are very responsive, allowing you to stop quickly and safely. You can also adjust the speed settings to fit your riding experience and ensure maximum safety.


The X1 and X3 electric scooters are reasonably priced, considering their features and build quality. The X1 is the more affordable of the two, but it still packs quite a punch with its 1000W motor and 30-mile range. The X3 is a bit more expensive, but its 2400W motor, 65-mile range, and advanced safety features make it a top-notch electric scooter. Depending on your budget and needs, either model offers excellent value for money.


The X1 and X3 electric scooters are both high-quality and reliable modes of transportation. They offer excellent battery life, impressive speeds, and great stability. With their adjustable seats, ergonomically designed handlebars, and solid tires, you can expect a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The X3 has more advanced safety features, but both models are safe and easy to handle. Overall, these electric scooters are a great investment for anyone looking for an eco-friendly and practical mode of transportation.


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