“Tesla Unleashes 8.0 Update with Next-Level Autopilot Features, Stunning UI Revamp, and More!”

“Tesla Unleashes 8.0 Update with Next-Level Autopilot Features, Stunning UI Revamp, and More!”

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Tesla’s ability to send over-the-air updates is one of its biggest advantages over other automakers. This means that Model S and X owners can wake up in the morning and find new features in their vehicle that they didn’t have the day before. Electrek has recently gained information about Tesla’s forthcoming update 8.0, which promises to be one of the biggest updates to date. This update has the most important UI refresh since the launch of Model S, new Autopilot features and more. The 8.0 version focuses on the Autopilot convenience features which will interest Model S and X owners. The current generation of Autopilot limits self-driving only to highways and parking situations, but the 8.0 update brings the system one step closer to autonomous driving. The new update includes automatic off-ramp with the turn signal, which allows drivers to command the Autopilot to take an exit just by activating the turn signal.

The 8.0 is also introducing a more responsive Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer for a smoother experience in traffic. Tesla’s beta program has revealed that the 8.0 introduces a small update to the Autopilot generated interface on the dashboard, where the models of the vehicles around the Tesla are displayed not only from behind, but in any angle they are moving.

The update is referred internally to be the biggest user interface update since the launch of Model S, and Tesla’s first major UI update since the head of its UI/UX left for competitor Faraday Future. The most noticeable change for Model S and X owners is the redesign of the map and navigation interface, which features an important refresh of the ‘turn list’ or actions required, and a new routing based on energy capacity. The navigation and route planner can now also suggest alternative routes to avoid tolls and use different Supercharger locations.

The media player is another aspect of the user interface that received a significant update. While in Europe, Tesla owners have access to a Spotify app in the car, it is not yet known if it will come to the US. However, the update will include new shortcuts, TuneIn for popular podcasts and new search with filters by artist, songs, and albums.

The update is currently being tested in beta, but it’s not clear when all the changes and features will make it to a wide release. Previously, the wide release could happen in a few weeks or at most in a few months from now. While the 8.0 update is promising, Tesla drivers need to maintain vigilance, ready to take control of autopilot when needed.

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